Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Teenager and His Nephew

Three months ago, The Teenager became an uncle for the second time...this one was a nephew. This past week, Uncle and Nephew discovered one another...creating a bond between them that only Uncles and Nephews share.

There is something about Uncle Chet that is simply enchanting to Henry...almost magical. 

And there is something about Henry that brings back the little boy in Chet.

Plans are already being formulated for Henry to learn lacrosse skills from his Uncle Chet. I imagine he will develop a love of music and guitar from him also.

Chet and Henry...just a couple of dudes chillin' on the front porch sporting aviator sunglasses.

Sixteen years from now, Chet will be teasing about cute girls and Henry's dating prospects. At The Garlick Press teasing and bantering are learned at an early age.

Late one night while staying with us this week, Henry refused to go to bed. We were all watching the first movie of the always thrilling Lord of The Rings trilogy. He stayed up through the whole l-o-n-g movie with his Uncle. Sometime during the evening Mama Cass captured this hilarious footage on her iPhone of Henry practically giggling his diaper off at Uncle Chet.

Henry and buds forever. Can you tell they really like each other?