Sunday, June 12, 2011

Home Town Birthday Shout Out

Happiest of Birthdays to Lawyer Girl! 

Since you can't be home for your birthday, I thought I'd send a little bit of home via the Internet!

Happy Birthday from "The Harv". Do you see those scrumptious scones...I'm just about to munch one in honor of your birthday... 

 and throw in a Double Chocolate Chip cookie!

Can you say "Swede's Turkey Pesto Sandwich"? All we are missing is Katie Scarlet to make the sandwich...alas, she's in Norway knocking on doors!

 The White Owl...the scandalous small town landmark...enough said!

 Happy Birthday from Kendall at Anderson Seed and Garden.

 Oh look...Happy Birthday from the balcony of your room.

 Izzy wishes you were home so she could share birthday cake with you!

Happy Birthday from the crazy Logan River. It's estimated to peak and reach flood levels this week!

 How about a stop at First Dam?

Do you remember Fredrico Friday's? I'll have the dinner special with Pepperoni pizza, hold the pickled beats on the salad please. Which reminds me, do they serve beats on salads in LA?

 Beaver Mountain wanted to tell you to have a happy one too!

 Happy Birthday from our favorite peaceful place.

Chet had a run in with the Aggie Bull...

Happy Birthday from him too.

 I'd like to remind you of all the great shopping we had at the Cache Valley Mall...but then I remembered just how lame our mall is...a giant thumbs down from Chet!

Hey...are we done driving around yet?

 Oh ya...Happy Birthday from the Island Market!

Sonic Route 66 Happy Hour Diet's to you birthday girl!

As our birthday photo tour comes to a last parting shot of the valley. I hope you had a Happy day! 



  1. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


    I LOVELOVELOVE all of this.

    What a wonderful birthday surprise!

  2. I've come over (several times now) from that Fabulous Family you've spoken of.

    Thank you for sharing your life and generosity with those I care about, and myself.

  3. Thanks for the great photos, Lisa! Oh, how I miss Logan in the summer. :-)

  4. Oh I am so stealing this birthday idea for Ben's day.

    And you made Logan look really, really cool (not that it isn't). Love you all!

  5. So many people and places around your little town to visit. What a great birthday greeting!

  6. I love the photos and what a great gift to your lawyer girl! I wish you were my aunt or big sister!

  7. Oh LIsa... you have the blogging gift, and I am so going to steal this idea for my out of towners. We may not have the Smithsonian, but Logan is a great place to live