Saturday, June 11, 2011

All Cooped Up In The City

Once upon a time there lived a Chick who grew up in the country. After falling in love, she married herself a handsome Prince who carried her off to the big city...and then to another city... not quite as big. The Chick was indeed a city girl who loved red shoes and all was good!

One fine day, The Chick and her Prince met a Fabulous Family who had a charming chicken coop filled with dazzling fowl. This mesmerized the Chick and her Prince so much that they decided to raise chickens themselves. In exchange, they convinced the Fabulous Family to keep bees.

Plans were soon hatched and The Prince contracted with The Teenager to be an apprentice coop builder. Because power tools were involved, The Teenager happily accepted!

Attention to detail was exhibited throughout the project. A bell was installed so Olivia and Henry may announce the discovery of freshly hatched eggs with a ringing throughout the land.

 Dangling water and food pails were filled and ready for use.

Hanging in a big city hardware store, The Fabulous Mom of The Fabulous Family discovered this giant perfect snowflake.

 A shopkeepers bill jingles softy as the red door is opened and closed.

A painted heart for the original "red one" because she is always on the minds of The Chick and The Prince. And because she would absolutely love this crazy, and whacked out idea of raising chicks in the city.

The Prince designed 4 nesting boxes where the hens will lay their eggs. The door swings open from the outside, so fresh eggs can be collected quickly and efficiently!

Approximately 100 trips to the local Home Depot were traveled during the construction process. The Prince refused to keep track of the cost of the coop...let's just say it put a dent in the royal coffers.

The Chick and The Prince have determined that raising hens requires lots of food and supplies. A secure cupboard was constructed to store it all!

The Prince made a proclamation that the only rooster allowed will be the one perched high on the roof of the coop.

Finally... after many rain delays...the Prince called for the moving in of the chickens.

General Tsao took command of the move and became the first hen to try out a nesting box.

The girls were giddy as they cackled about...discussing "cheep" decorating plans and exploring all the space their new coop contains.

Penguin was the first brave one to navigate the royal chicken ramp using those chicken feet and razor sharp toenails.

 A birds eye view of the chickens settling into their new palace.

The Chick got such a kick out of this photo...look at all those chicken footprints in the sand!

During the move, a spy was discovered on the grounds of the royal coop... lurking on the perimeter.

And another spy...this one was not so much lurking but staring.

As the sun sinks low in the sky that evening a giant sigh of relief came from The Prince. The chickens were nestled safe and happy in the new coop, The Chick was happy for another day and there was peace throughout the kingdom.


The morale of this story is...You can take The Chick out of the country but you can't take the country out of The Chick!


  1. It looks faaaaaaaaaabulous!

  2. That is one deluxe chicken coop. I love it. I love the red.

  3. It's eggstraordinary! But you must feel beaten and scrambled after all that work. Chicken coops can be a pretty fowl endeavor.

    p.s. if our chickens lay 2,357,983 eggs they might make up for all we spent on our coops.

  4. Love every detail-right down to the shopkeepers bell! Oliva and Henry will truly have a blast when old enough to gather the eggs.I always told you, country life ain't so bad my dear! Livin' at Green Acres myself... now the Prince will want a tractor!!

  5. hilarious! love the design of the chicken coop.

  6. Love the chicken coop (the details are fabulous!), the photos, and the narration. :)

  7. Once again a fabulous job. I love the coop!

  8. It is a work of art and love! So happy for the chickens!!

  9. Love the coop!!!! What a great post. I have to show it to Mike...the king of puns. You must be the queen!

  10. Do you think the prince can make me a cozy little coop for hanging out? I think I can find me a few girls to hang out inside and get all giddy with too;) What a wonderful job the boys did! The color is fabulous and what lucky little chicks!!

  11. wow! what a story and what a chicken coop! this post is brilliant. i've always wanted chickens, now i want them more. but if i get them - i don't imagine our coop would be so fancy... love it! found this through snapshots! so fun.

  12. What a gorgeous coop and flock. It is so beautiful. I love the barn red color! I would love for you to link this up to our coop tour over at Tilly's Nest! I read your lovely comment but linking up would make it easier for fans to find it :) Have a beautiful day!

  13. Isn't it wonderful when your prince encourages, supports and participates in your endeavors! I have a Mr. Darcy and he is often found constructing or running to Home Depot on behalf of "the girls". I also love how the teenager got involved in this project, proving again that BYC are a great family project. Stopping by from the hop; love the coop. It is inspiring!

  14. I love everything about your coop! The color and details are terrific!
    Hopped over from Tilly's nest... I've bot a hoop hop going too and would love for if you would enter!
    Nice to meet you!
    Deb ( ours is red too ) :)