Monday, June 6, 2011

Adorable May

A game of "Mother May I" to share some moments I found Adorable during the month of May?

Mother May I...Remember every day how serendipitous life is, to be Nana and Papa to this one?

Mother May I...Giggle as I watch my daughter and my grand daughter play dance-dance-party together!

 Mother May I...Pray I'm not seeing double...Izzy and I love dog-sitting Stella.

Mother May I...Please have more of the Almond Florentine with white chocolate mousse.

Mother May I...Ever finish this chicken coop?

Mother May I...Have a quilt just like this you think Sue Spargo would gift me hers?

Photo taken by Michelle
Mother May I...Pinch myself when I see all the joy in the faces of this little family.

Mother May I...Ever finish the chicken coop? Oh wait...I already said that one didn't I.

Mother May I...Always be surrounded with fervent, nurturing friends...who text, call, check on me, and send exquisite flowers during arduous days.

Mother May I...Appreciate cavorting, dancing 8th grade boys at the Middle School Talent Show. They were marvelous!

Mother May I...Ever be able to express how incredulous all the flowers are at the cemetery on Memorial far as your eyes can see!

Mother May I...Figure out just where Henry got those long, curly eyelashes from.

Mother May I...Reach inside The Teenager's soul and comprehend what he's meditating about.

 Mother May I...Say how much I LOVE summer flowers blooming on my back patio.

Mother May I...Wait patiently for fresh herbs to mature and find a place in Summertime meals.

Mother May I...Drink in the aroma of Springtime in this little valley that is bright with green this year.. 


  1. YES YOU MAY ...take one giant step forward in life. Your May was filled with so many adorable joys. Thank you for sharing just a few, with your beautiful photography and hearfelt words.

  2. Mother may I have hair as long, healthy, and as gorgeous as Cassandra's? :)

  3. May you continue to take gorgeous pictures and reflect each month at how adorable life can be, even through the tough months!

  4. Love this. Especially that first pic with Dean and Olivia.
    Thanks for giving me your birdie blessing :)
    Is there a pattern for that quilt??? Holy cow Ioooooove that.

  5. that was so beautiful! made me teary ... we have so much to be grateful for. with great loss, comes great compensation... which sometimes takes a while until it reaches complete fruition. bless your heart on those hard days...
    some say it gets easier, but that's a load of c.r.a.p. :)
    xoooox marla

  6. Such a beautiful post. I love your reflections Lisa. Every moment you live has such purpose and the way you write about it is beautiful. The pictures are lovely too. I love the one of your daughter with her beautiful family and your son too.

  7. I am loving your monthly appreciation themes. Lovely, just lovely. Oh, and those babies....yum!

  8. ps your hubs looks like the guy on the ford commercial! seriously!

  9. Another fantastic post - love the photos and your reminders. I feel so lucky to have "met" you!

  10. I love this. The first photo? Frame it! So very lovely. I am looking forward to a full chicken coop post!

    Love you!

  11. Such a happy post. I LOVE that picture after the makes me so fully happy. I love that you are such an example of living joyfully after suffering great pain. Thanks, Lisa.