Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun and Shun in Park Shitay

Back in the day...when Momma Cass was just a teenager with absolutely no idea what her future would hold...she and her "Chunkina in Crime" nicknamed "Chochi" used to do something called "The Sean" Basically it involved using your best Sean Connery accent to say silly things that might or might not sound a little like swearing.

For instance... "Shall we go to Park Shitay to do some shopping at the outletsh." or "Tell the baby-shittar to shitt down and shut up" or "Shilver Bells, it's Crishmush time in the shitay"! They cracked me up...EVERY SINGLE TIME! The two of them would start into their Sean Connery accents and I'd lose complete control. I'm talking...silent laugh, contorted face, and can't breathe out of control. I've called it Park Shitay ever since.

Recently while Daddy Bob was off working hard in a faraway land, we stole Cass and the babies for a few days of fun and shun in Park Shitay.

King Henry came along and celebrated his four-month birthday while we were in Park Shitay.

He's a rockstar and king of the bed!

Meet Olivia...she and her Papa planned to wear the same outfit. Papa's outfit did not have yellow tulle and flower leggings. Although I wish it did...might be a pretty great look for you Papa.

Olivia continues to get the Gerber baby comments wherever she goes. And you should have seen the inquisitive gazes from people at restaurants and other places. With a mixed grouping of Dean, Lisa, Cass, and Chet carrying any one of the babies at any given moment, they just couldn't figure us out.

Olivia has been playing so hard, she has a little something we like to call Swead (sweaty head). Believe me...Dione will appreciate the name.

We didn't do a whole lot while we were there; caring for two babies takes up a lot of the day. It took all four of us to get them in and out of carseats, restaurants, and the pool. How do Cass and Bob do does Cass do it when she's all alone?

While Cass and Chet sneaked off to see Harry everyone else in America last weekend, we took the babies back to the condo for some Papa and Nana time.

Shhhh, don't tell mom, one bite of Chunky Monkey for Olivia...

and one bite of Chunky Monkey for Papa. Wait...shouldn't that be two bites for Olivia and then one for Papa?

Some quality bonding took place between uncle and nephew,

and brother and sister.

Henry prefers Uncle Chet to any of us...I think the feeling is mutual!

Olivia had her first time in a float toy...

she loved it...obviously!

Chet showed me this cool trick...

you can see the splash for just a split second before it hit Henry, Me, and the Nikon!
Those sunglasses on him...are authentic Dean. No one else could pull them off, nor would they try!

The days were filled with simple things that brought us much joy. We felt the absence of  Bob and Dione and as always...Jocie. They were constantly in our thoughts!

You can tell Henry's Mom is a tiny bit of a Science nerd by Henry's t-shirt.
Olivia taught us all how to scream at high piercing levels whenever we sat down to eat. She's really good at it...pretty much an expert!

Once the little ones were tucked in bed, we played hours of Hearts. We took turns losing, winning, shooting the moon, feeling picked on, and constantly laughing.

With a fresh diaper, a warm bubba of milk and it's time for the babies to go home. Shee you later Park Shitay...until next time.


  1. Your blogs just make me smile. I love that last photo of you and Papa sweet! Henry's little round face is catching up to Olivia's! They are so stinkin' CUTE!

  2. Reading your blog always makes me smile Lisa! Your grandkids are adorable! They are so blessed to grow up with each other.

    Oh, and I love Olivia's yellow dress.

  3. Looks like you had a great time. Those babies are so adorable, I just love those baby rolls!

  4. HAHA...I pretty much did the "Choch Squat" after reading your Sean Connery post. Those were good times!

    Sorry we missed you when we were in town, will definitely catch up next time! Glad I got to see your adorable grandkids! They are seriously the cutest!

  5. Oh my goodness! Those little ones are getting so big. Super cute photos and it sounds like so much fun in Park Shitay! I love it :)

  6. You know the title makes me blush. ;)

    I love the grumpy Henry photos and the wide-eyed Olivia pics. I'm sure people stare at those cute babies everywhere you go.

  7. Awww...Nothing says love like sharing a pint with the babes...Ben and Jerry's that is!

  8. SWEAD!!!!
    I can't wait to have sweatiness with that niece baby!