Thursday, July 14, 2011

PetSmart Flunky

Kenya is the only dog I know with the dubious achievement of being thrown out of PetSmart.
A cross between a tornado and a hurricane, the girl never ever slows down. Not the nearly 10 years she has lived with us, has she ever had a calm day. A couple years ago, Dean dropped her off at PetSmart to have a summer haircut.

Not more than 45 minutes later, the groomer at PetSmart called in an uproar..."You have to come get YOUR dog immediately, she is ridiculously hyper and completely out of control. Kenya is upsetting all the other dogs...she can not remain in the grooming salon!"

Yup...kicked out of PetSmart! The only problem...the groomer was only half finished when Kenya got kicked out. For the rest of the summer, Kenya had a half-shaved body. Poor canine...we laughed all summer at her grooming nightmare!

These days, we take her to our vet for her annual summer haircut. They are armed and ready with a doggy Valium should the need arise. And this week, they were even able to tie a seasonal bandanna around the pooch.

A concerned Jocie is trying to check on Kenya's latest injury.
Kenya is Jocie's dog. I vividly remember every syllable of the conversation I had with her when asked if we could go "look" at some new puppies at Autumn's house.
"But Jocie sweetie...if we go look at them you will want to bring one home."
We didn't pick Kenya out of all the other puppies in the litter that day...rather Kenya picked us! And she's been a familiar face every since. She really has the sweetest personality and so nice to come home to...especially if you like bad mannered, volcanic destruction, brownie eating canines.

She is known as the "outside" dog (you don't have to ask why, now do you). While Izzy the Princess Pooch is known as the "inside" dog. Talk about sibling rivalry.

I am confident every time Kenya sneaks in the house and eats an entire two pound brick of cheese, swipes a hamburger right out of your hand, or pounces on the teenage boys lounging in the basement...Jocie is giggling from heaven and enjoying every naughty moment of the puppy we just needed to go "look" at! the end of the day, it is certainly nice to have a little tail-wagging piece of Jocie's personality to continually remind us of her!


  1. Uh ya we must have the same dog. Except mine is in the house!!!!!
    I remember the call I got from PetSmart...they seemed bewildered by this nutcase of a dog, and then prescribed her with every doggie training class they offered and said not to bring her back until she was better. Hehe.

  2. As I read through your lovely entry of Kenya I couldn't help but laugh the whole way through! I remember you guys coming to our house and getting Kenya. Memories come flooding back to me of times when Jocie and I would "play tag" with Kenya upstairs. Or the time Kenya pooped on the carpet downstairs and I sat there laughing at Jocie while she was screaming in frustration. Long live Kenya the most crazy dog I have ever known! :)

  3. Love the energetic expression in Kenya's eyes! Apologies for not getting back to you before this to say thank you for taking the time to look for the Snapshots photography quote.