Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun Momma

The Teenager and I stepped through the familiar back door of home; we could hear Olivia calling for us "Ah"? When you play this game with Olivia you are supposed to answer with your own "Ah"! It is something she invented herself. Following the voice of my little cherub grand daughter, you might say we were a bit surprised and delighted to discover...

Momma and Olivia playing in the old Buzz Lightyear Pop-up tent!

Already I can see...Momma Cass is one of those mommas...a fun momma!

Almost instantly Chet crawled inside to play alongside his niece baby.

With a little coaxing, by that afternoon we had convinced Olivia to pass through the "Escape Hatch" into outer space. Although she was entirely unsure of the safety of the hatch.

I love to watch Momma Cass play with her babies. She giggles and talks and reads to them constantly. Olivia has already read more books than you can imagine.

Seriously...can it be that many years ago that Chet spent hours upon days playing in the Buzz Lightyear tent? Seeing his long lean adolescent body stretched from end to end through the play tent, it seems utterly impossible!

Cass his become a mother of two babies almost in the blink of an eye.

They require a LOT of work.

Believe me...this Nana knows just how much work! Every single day consists of a million diaper changes, half a million bottles, spitting up (we have affectionately nicknamed Henry...The Vomit Comet), several changes of clothing, naps, tub time, meal times, doctor appointments, teething, chasing the crawling Olivia, etc, etc, etc.

Yet amidst all the responsibilities required with two babies that are just six months apart, Momma Cass always finds the time to immerse herself in play with these little ones. 

And this day...a visit to the park, with some assistance from Uncle Chet of course.

If you ask me, I'm not sure who had more fun...Olivia, Cass, or Chet? Henry was napping in his car seat.

Slide after slide, moment by moment, Momma Cass enjoys every single aspect of motherhood. I wondered that she might miss the intellectual side of working in the outside world. Amazingly, Cass has funneled all her energy and intelligence into raising beautiful, healthy and happy babies. And she's really good at it! Olivia and Henry envelop every second of her life...and she couldn't love anything more!

Olivia sure likes The Teenager Uncle Chet, even if he constantly pulls funny faces at Nana's camera!

Each and every day, Momma Cass can hardly wait to show her babies the joy in every part of their little worlds. One evening while staying with Nana and Papa they were both finally tucked snugly into dreamland in their separate cribs, Cass leaned over and said "I miss Henry and Wittle Wibbins (Olivia's current nickname)"!

And for a moment I think she almost considered waking up one of them to play with.

I said..."almost"!

Sleep well my Momma Cass. Tomorrow morning begins early...another day filled with your beautiful babies!


  1. Fun mommas are the best! And it means she never has to grow up!

  2. You can see in her eyes how much she loves being a mama! Beautiful times with beautiful babies and teenager!

  3. She definitely has her hands full but still has time to have fun, love it! How fun to see Chet's old toys put to good use with the grand kids.