Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Golden Egg

Update from the Garlick Press Ranch

Cost of seven adorable baby chicks last April...$25

Number of hours to complete the bright red coop...Elevendy Billion

Opening the side door

to find the girls had laid their first egg...priceless!

From all the excitement around our house, you would think it was a golden egg.

 Just ask the chickens biggest fan Libby!

Oh it's priceless alright!

FYI...We are almost positive Red laid the first egg.
More FYI...You should have seen her strut her stuff and cackle after laying that egg.
Still More FYI...The egg weighed almost exactly the same amount as Red did when we brought her home just a few months ago.

LOVE...LOVE...our chickens!

Omelettes anyone?


  1. Sweet! Now, What did you do with that single lone egg? Just curious.
    Hope many more come soon:)

  2. How exciting to have your very first egg at the Garlick Urban Farm. Almost as good as a golden egg. Who was the lucky recipient of that first egg.

  3. Aww...your chicken love is pretty adorable! Bet those eggs will be tasty.

  4. That chicken coop is just beautiful! Congratulations on the egg.

  5. Very exciting - yeh for Red! I'm rather fond of your newly laid eggs bowl.

  6. That is going to be one mighty-small, but delicious, omelette! Little daily miracles...love them!