Friday, August 12, 2011

Naomi's Peak

It just so happens that the hubby has spent the last week in a faraway me...he's definitely in a foreign country. Before he left, just the two of us (plus the pooch) set off to hike Naomi Peak.

I always miss him when he travels, but there is something about this trip that makes him feel so much farther away...

 and I miss him even more.

The trail to Naomi Peak winds through spectacular meadows of wildflowers

that have normally peaked by this time of year.

But these little buddies are still trying very hard to reach for the sun and bloom through the patches of remaining snow.

The route passes through a variety of terrain, including forest, meadows, glacial moraine, and rocky cliffs before you arrive at the summit.

There is still a ton of snow from the late El Nino storms that plastered the West this Spring...which makes for fantastic snow vistas. I love this shot...looks like Dean and Izzy are at the North Pole.

Naomi Peak summit sits at 9980 feet and is the highest point in the Bear River Range.The views in every direction are commanding albeit the west-Cache Valley and Cherry Peak; to the south-Mt. Elmer, Logan Peak and the Uinta Mountains; to the east-the Salt River Range and on a clear day... the Grand Tetons.

Just the two of us (and a self-timer on the camera) sit at the top and snack on some fresh cherries and homemade granola. Chatting about the usual stuff that a couple who have known each other for many years do...we breathe in the amazing view that lies all around us. 

 Izzy is the best trail dog who loves hiking along with us whenever we go.

Before we make our descent, I snapped this shot for one of our ski buddies. This is Cherry Peak and makes for some gnarly back country skiing.

 And speaking of's one way to get down.

 Woops...a shot of Izzy doing her business...who took that picture?

Somehow I missed this perfectly formed rocky outcropping while hiking up to Naomi Peak, so I was surprised to see it there as we hiked out.

Memories of a great day with the hubby have sustained me during the lonely moments this week. 

 And don't worry... Izzy always keeps Dean's pillow warm while he is gone.

Tonight as I look out my window...there is an enormous full moon. I wonder what Dean sees out his window halfway round the world? And is he missing home as much as home is missing him!


  1. Our poodle, Cain, also sleeps beside me when the hubby is away on business trips. :)

  2. You have a knack for capturing beautiful photos of your adventures. That place is gorgeous. I saw that moon last night. Wow.

  3. Looks like a great hike. Wishing Dean a quick and safe trip home from that far away foreign land.

  4. I love how fantastic you look taking that hike. I would look like a hot-sweaty mess. Embarrassing, really.

  5. Such a beautiful spot in our country. So blessed you are to live there and I am sure you find peace in those mountains Lisa. By now Dean must be home safely:) Hope he enjoyed that pie waiting for him!

  6. Gorgeous photos. I always think I am going to get so much done, eat great stuff, and get extra rest when Mike is gone. Usually, it is just the opposite and I am so glad when he finally gets home.

  7. How gorgeous! I can't believe that there is still snow and how green that mountain was. I miss the beauty of those mountains!