Sunday, August 28, 2011

Play Date with Our Playmates

Dear Olivia and Henry,

We had a blast last weekend when you came to stay and play at Nana and Papa's...where we eat brownies for breakfast and never nap!

 "Say, say, my playmate

 Won't you come play with me

And bring your dollies three

Climb up my apple tree

 Slide down my rain barrel

Excuse me're pulling my tail feathers!
 Into my cellar door

 And we'll be jolly friends

 Forever more!"

We loved bouncing on the trampoline, splashing in the pool, playing with the chickens and taking you to the Farmer's market. Just look at these adorable Sock Monkey hats we found for next winter. I can see a future photo shoot soon.

 And Henry, your eyelashes...still astound me!

 Olivia had her first guitar lesson with Uncle Chet.

 and a four-wheeler ride with Papa.

 Chet, by the getting really good at this Uncle thing.

We discovered that just like your Nana...horses are apparently not your friend either.

And happy day...because Olivia's first birthday is just around the corner...Mama said she could sample some of Papa's delicious honey for the very first time. 

I made homemade blueberry muffins just for the occasion. Olivia LOVES honey! Yummy!
Henry, sorry you only got to eat rice cereal this time!

My arms filled with two babies, I learned just how much work your Mama does every single day in caring for you. Olivia, I chased you up and down the stairs and tried to close drawers as fast as you opened them. Papa and I woke up early at 5:00 am one morning, when Henry decided he was finished sleeping.

Every day we checked the nests for eggs and you were very surprised when we saw what the hens left us.

 And you rang the bell announcing the discovery of a new egg!

Look at Henry popping his collar.
Oh, but by the time your Momma and Daddy came to pick you up we had filled our reservoir with loads and loads of memorable baby time, but boy were we exhausted! And don't tell anyone...but Papa actually changed a couple of diapers while you were staying with us.

I am already making plans for the next time you have a sleepover with us!

All our love, Nana and Papa


  1. How lovely! And exhausting. All the photos are of your usual high standard calibre. Really love the one of Olivia in the pool, and of you holding them both. Henry has this kind of suave, hey how you doing smile. Your daughter is so fortunate to have you guys around. I'm sure they appreciated the break.

  2. your photos made everyone at my house smile this morning. Love you!

  3. Great times! Great memories! Love those baby cheeks!!

  4. What a wonderful visit with your grandbabies! I hope you will be making a book for them with your photos and words for them to look through as they get older. My kids LOVE the little photo albums of visits with their grandparents!

  5. What beautiful memories! It is so wonderful what your darling grand babies are experiencing. As always great photos :)