Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Quilt for Sam

They spent their teenage years constantly hanging out...planning parties, learning to drive, chasing boys and generally just growing up. It was the occasion of Sam's wedding shower that gathered them all back together...except Chelsea (mostly known as Chochi) who lives out of state.

The girls considered holding up a "Chochi goes here" sign when they posed for this photo. They definitely missed you girl!

As soon as Sam's pending engagement was announced...excitedly, Cass and I went shopping. Optimistic that we would be able to meet up and sew the quilt together, we selected this sweet, fresh fabric.

I was pretty sure that it would be me doing the sewing as Cass has her hands full of babies right now. But I just love how this quilt turned out.

Between Cass, Crystal, and Missy...they have a total of five kids in just a few short years. Sam, along with her new hubby has been busy graduating from law school and sitting for the bar exam. I think all of the kids sort of freaked her out a little! Don't worry Sam, you can catch up quick...just ask Cass.

It's so enlightening to see teenage girls grow up and become amazing people...intelligent, confident, nurturing women. Congratulations Sam, The Garlick Press is thrilled that you and Brandon found each other!


  1. Love, love, love that quilt! I want to own it!

  2. I am also in love with that quilt. It is amazing!!

  3. This made my day. :-) The quilt is beautiful I wish I could have been there.

  4. Love that quilt! I sure do hope you share more of your amazing talent with us. I love looking at your finished projects!