Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Year Filled With Olivia

Who has sparkly blue eyes, chubby rose-kissed cheeks, lots of shiny new baby teeth, says Mama and Dada, a 6 month old baby brother named Henry, loves avocados and sushi, and is having a first birthday?

Why Olivia of course!

One year ago, Dean and I were wandering purposelessly through our local Farmer's Market wondering what to do with ourselves...we were nervous and anxious...waiting for any kind of news. Olivia was on her way and we were about to become Nana and Papa! Albeit joining our family in a special way, we straightaway fell in love with this baby girl!

And yes it's true...we have become those kind of grandparents!

You know the kind...overly doting, snuggling, baby talking, crawling around on the floor, sewing quilts, buying every sort of baby thing imaginable...that's the Nana and Papa we are!

Admittedly, I can scarcely believe myself how fast and the degree I fell head over heels for her. If you haven't had the opportunity to be a Nana yet, just're going to love it. I promise you!

I know that some people believe Olivia healed our hearts, shattered from the tragic loss of Jocie. But the truth is...nothing or no one can heal a broken have to fix that one all by yourself.

But now, Olivia along with baby brother Henry...they are the frosting on my cupcake; the sparkle in my diamond, and the joy of my life!

We have had a year of delightful dreamy days getting to know each other...Olivia and I!

 Chasing down giggles and storing sweet memories away.

Olivia has taught me to quietly examine the fine elements of life...getting up close to inspect exquisite details I might otherwise have missed. I still do not like to taste rocks like she does though!

She has taught me that when you're tired, all you need to do is simply rub your eyes and just like magic...someone who loves you will pick you up...and snuggle you close for comfort!

Every single moment of Olivia's first year of life has been filled with new experiences and adventures. The touch of grass under tiny toes, falling snow, splashing water in a pool, tasting delicious new foods and becoming a very little, big sister!

With an over abundance constantly showered on this baby girl, no child could feel more loved...from parents, grand parents, Aunties, Uncles, all kinds of family, and loads of friends too! I simply can not imagine this past year without having Olivia part of my days!

Without further adieu...

Happy First Birthday to my gorgeous, adorable grand baby girl Olivia!!!

And now for some cake...


  1. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful girl. I'm so glad you have her to brighten your lives. What a joy! And what splendidly captured images and thoughts.

  2. Adorable! Happy Birthday to Olivia and Happy First Anniversary of being doting grandparents. What a very lucky girl to become part of your family.

  3. What a joy for you guys to experience. Olivia I just want to give you big hugs. Happy birthday Olivia!

  4. Oh Lisa you must be SO thrilled with these photos - they're beautiful -well, she's beautiful, but you've also done a beautiful job in capturing them. A whole year, my goodness.

  5. So precious!! Happy Birthday Little Miss Olivia!
    You captured her beautifully Lisa!

  6. Oh my Gosh! You take the most beautiful pictures! Also Miss Olivia is so adorable! Happy 1st Birthday Olivia!

  7. Gorgeous photos! And beautiful words Lisa. Happy birthday Olivia!

  8. Simply beautiful. Some wounds never heal. But our precious babies can certainly fill our hearts with joy and happiness.

  9. visiting here from snapshots! happy birthday to your girl. these photos are fantastic!

  10. Well done Lisa...gorgeous photo shoot. But with that beautiful girl what other outcome could you have!? She is precious and you have the eye.

  11. Wow! Gorgeous photos. I loved your quote about having to heal your heart by yourself...such wisdom. BUT those darling grandbabies are such a wonderful way to add joy to our lives.