Monday, October 3, 2011

Adorable September

Summer skipped by as it always does and September ushered in the first month of Autumn. There are so many things to Adore during this early Fall month.

  • Delicious fresh honey...amber sweetness from the glorious bees in the back yard.
  • A moment of complete happiness for both Olivia and Kenya.

  • A gathering of The Purple Cats which includes this exquisite table scape and accompanying scrumptious lunch.

  • Handsome hubby and I celebrated our anniversary this month...oh yes, and Izzy is pretty adorable in those fancy shmancy sunglasses of Dean's.
  • Catching up with old friends from our days living in Maryland. Brian and his son Erik spent the day with us. We haven't seen their family in over 20 years. A chance google on the Internet, connected Brian and wife Susan to The Garlick Press. Who says there are are little benefits to social media. I"m thrilled they found and reached out to us from clear across the country.
  • Lindsay...intrigued by the wax cappings from the honey harvest, asked if she could stick her hands in the wax and squish it between her fingers. Yes may!
  • Hens...Four of them laying at once! Look at Red on the right..."Excuuuse me...trying to lay an egg in here, do ya mind?"
  • Bwaaack....cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, bwaack...cluck, cluck, cluck...Look at me, I just laid an egg...bwaack, bwaack! It's adorable to hear the girls cackle every time they lay an egg!

  • Fall leaves mixing with the barely blooming wildflowers in the high mountain tops. Hold on to your toenails...Fall is here and Winter is coming!
  • Oh to be 14 and full of strength and stamina...after stopping to rest during a long hike, we turn around and find him up a tree.

  • First time in a bee suit for Christina...and first time baby Rocco sees his Mama in a bee their gaze into each other's adoring eyes! Aw....cute!

  • Henry turned 6 months old..he's wearing my favorite's a v-neck, although hidden by his lack of neck.

  • Adorable Olivia discovering Nana's Large Diet Coke! Shhh...don't tell her Daddy.

  • Skinny jeans for babies...absolutely adorable!

  • My favorite hippie van in the world...

  • Oh yes...and this adorable child turned one and says "Hi" constantly!

The Garlick Press hopes you found something Adorable in the month of September too!


  1. Love, love your blog Lisa. Such a delight to come in here and read your post.

  2. is it just me, or is this the most adorable month yet. So many INCREDIBLE photos I don't know where to start. Olivia and Kenya, Henry getting so big and adorable, the amazing photo of Christina in the bee suit with her baby (so beautifully lit), the last one of Olivia...

  3. Wonderful recap of your month - loved the shot of Olivia and Kendra.