Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Adorable November

Today being the last day of November, here are just a few things I found adorable during this month of gratitude.

Lately, Henry has been going by the nickname Hammyburger...and now we know why. A toy hamburger patty has become his new favorite thing at Nana's house. Not sure why...I guess he just loves meat!

Olivia finding a comfy place to sit. This is what happens when Nana is tending.

Henry...adorable, sweet baby Henry. The back story on this photo...digging through storage boxes of old toys, we came across this hat. Dean bought one for each of the girls during one of his many trips to Russia. Cass, Dione and Jocie wore these hats for years.

Scrunchy nose face!

Shooting photos with the babies is always adventuresome and adorable. Add freezing cold temps, fresh wet snow, a snowman whose Oreo eyes were eaten by the dog, and then throw in a live chicken just to really create mayhem!

You know those babies must think we are NUTS!

And that 's the end of the photo shoot! Sorry Henry...but even your pout is adorable! By the way, the cards turned out great...I can't wait to find one in my mailbox!

Ah...sweet tender moments of Olivia and Papa snuggling on the sofa...love her adorable little belly!

A birthday cupcake surprise from Jocie's friends...Autumn, Sid, and Lindsay. They spent hours making them...aren't they gorgeous? Love you girls...truly, madly, deeply I do!

Getting ready to send out a few orders of jiggysticks...adore...adore...adore! A big thank you to everyone who has supported our adventure so far. Dean continues to send me a text every time he receives one of your orders...he adores it completely!

The latest jiggystick flavor...Raspberry Vanilla. I love how this label turned out!

Taken with the iphone 4s...not bad.
And finally...The Teenager on the first day of the ski season Saturday. As he stepped into those new Line skis and headed down the mountain, I couldn't help but sense Jocie skiing right along with him; smiling and proud of her totally legit baby brother!


  1. I truly love visiting your blog. Your pictures of even the most simplest of things are perfect. Also, I want to be a grandma photographer just like you. Some day. :)

  2. Those babies are so adorable! We are loving our Jiggysticks and my youngest said he doesn't want to use any other product but Jiggysticks ever again! Your children and grand babies are beautiful! Always love your blog posts and your heart that comes through. You're a beautiful soul Lisa, and you have a beautiful family to go right along with it.

  3. Scrunchy nose face begs to be kissed. Love your Novemeber reflection! Merry Christmas season to you and your beautiful family!

  4. What a great blog post!

    My husband is interested in having bee hives once we have a farm...is there any information you can give on a starter kit or book that you/your husband used with your bee hives? Thank you for your help!

    And I plan on ordering Jiggysticks for Christmas:)

  5. The picture of Henry in the Russian hat...without the scrunchie nose...looks just like Cassandra! Can you see it?