Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Garlicks of the Caribbean

You would think a charming invitation from my handsome hubby to spend a week in the Caribbean would be easy to accept. But because of this reason and that reason...and really no good reason...I seemed to be slow to get on board a trip to paradise.

Until we arrive...and then it's sunshine and sandy beaches, for glorious day after glorious day.

Dean likes to snorkel in the ocean paddling around in search of pretty fish, majestic sting rays and graceful sea turtles; and me...

 I like to spend my day just soaking up those adorable rays of sunshine!

There is ample time to remember my girl,

 and play with the Nikon.

Every day the agenda is nearly the same. Wake up to an ocean alarm clock, breakfast of flaky French pastries on the balcony overlooking the Caribbean sea, and then decide among a myriad of beautiful beaches where to spend the day. It's a rough life...I know!

 This is a view of Happy Bay on St Maartin.

 it certainly is a happy place.

St Maartin is 37 square miles of island paradise with an average year-round temperature of 85 degrees. Split right down the middle with one side owned by the Dutch and the other side owned by the French, St Maartin today is the smallest landmass in the world to be shared by two sovereign nations.

The beach at Phillipsburg where the cruise ships stop. There is also the very popular Orient Bay beach...aka Nakedness beach...no photos were taken there, thank goodness!

Of course we would plan a day to do one of our favorite activities. Hiking through plush island jungle vegetation with temperatures hovering around 85 degrees and intense rays of equator sunshine is similar to trudging through a sauna...but we had a pretty place in mind we were trying to get to.

 At one point we wondered that a machete would come in handy.

Lizards, cactus and land crabs dot the trail along the way.

About 3 miles into the hike, the sweltering jungle heat seems almost unbearable, until the slightest of ocean breezes kisses our skin...

and the foliage suddenly melts away revealing an incredible view of our destination... Petites Cayes.

where we would bathe in sunshine and soak up the ocean waves all by ourselves into the early evening.

Petites Cayes is one of our favorite beaches in the Caribbean.

 It just doesn't get any sweeter than this.

On this day, we booked a sailing adventure around the island with the Random Wind, a 54 foot traditional sailboat that's been around the world twice.

 Our host Diane lives on the boat full-time with her two young children and invites guests to join her for a day of sailing. Finding herself a single mom, she began this business to support her little family. During sailing days she takes on the title of First Mate and hires Captain Trevor to crew the sailboat. It's hard work...and Diane has the upper body strength of a man! I admire her tenacity and attitude...plus, she can swear like a sailor!

 Angel fish swimming near us in the ocean.

Captain Trevor is beating the heck out of an anchor that won't catch the ocean floor because the tines were bent during the last outing. Yo ho ho ho, a pirate's life for me!

 I love watching him play in the water...

 diving in,
 just like he's a teenager.

On the second stop of the day, the spinakker pole on our sailboat is dropped revealing St Maarten's only Tarzan swing.

Captain Trevor came up with the idea after chatting with his girlfriend whose family works in the circus. You meet the most interesting people in the Caribbean!

It really was a riot...and yes I'm plugging my nose. I just hate saltwater up there!

This is Dean showing us how to do a backflip...out of courtesy to my sweet hubby, I left out the next photo that shows him landing flat on his back as he hits the ocean water. Backflip...fail!

It's really true what they say...romantic getaways are simply the best in the Caribbean.

On our last day we hopped on a ferry and cruised across the ocean to spend the day on the fabulous and ritzy island of St Barths. Other than the two of us...we didn't see anyone famous over there. But we did see a LOT of money being thrown around.

We went super high class and opted to see the island via ATV.

I tried several time to get more of my face in the mirror in this shot...finally gave up and settled on this one. I highly recommend this mode of transportation...and remember you can never get lost, it's an island!

Just a peak at the runway on St Barths...in case you are thinking of landing your private jet here in the near future!

We saw cars randomly parked at a dead-end street and ended up hiking a trail around the outside of the island to another hidden and beautiful beach, only accessible by this trail.

But the best part of the day happened to be the most romantic lunch spot I've ever seen...here is the view! 

Apparently the French waiters are used to the rich and famous and treated us accordingly.

Lunch was divine. I had a Snap Pea Salad and Dean had a hand-thrown pizza.

But the pièce de résistance  had to be desert! The most outrageously expensive and completely delectable cupcake I've ever tasted...about 12 euros or around $17. Worth every penny, say I!

So the next time that alluring Pirate you love and adore invites you to pillage and plunder the Caribbean with them...put on your sea-legs, and go in search of that horizon...shiver me timbers!



  1. Hi Lisa! :) I am a blog stalker but had to comment. I'm SO jealous! We went to St. Marteen last year and I love it! Just wanted to say thanks for sharing and I love your pictures!

  2. So, this is where you have been. Wonderful! It is all so very beautiful. I'm so glad you got to go and that you enjoyed it. :)

  3. I want to go there...NOW! Gorgeous photos...as usual.

  4. Looks soo very relaxing ...
    Glad you two had some time away.

  5. Beautiful! thanks for taking me along (well in photos);)... Welcome home to the freezing temps, but at least you have the memories of the warmth and time with Dean.

  6. So jealous of the sunshine and sandy beaches. Glad you finally got away to relax and enjoy. Beautiful pics! Welcome back to the cold snap!

  7. Hi Lisa! Welcome back! So happy to see your photos. Made me feel like I'm there with you. Gorgeous shots and great job of documenting your awesome getaway. I laughed out loud on your hubby's backflip fail. :) Looks like you really had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ummm if you bring me there I promise:
    1) to only make fun of people outside the family for the entirety of the trip
    2) to lead the family in morning yoga sessions on the beach (COME ON HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE)
    3) to never complain when you take photos
    4) to tell you how wonderful you are every day for an entire year afterwards.

    Ok, maybe not number 1...

    Looks like you had an amazing time!
    -Pre Esquirette

  9. So glad the two of you got away there again. Beautiful place to love, be loved and continue to heal your hearts. Love and miss you and glad I popped in on this post. XO