Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Adorable October in the Wacky Caribbean

Here are just a few adorable wacky things you sometimes are guaranteed to see in the Caribbean.

  •  Donkey on the beach...looking for a snack in your beach bag.
  • Large turtle in the middle of the road eating an entire baguette.

  • Laid back dudes...chillin' on the sidewalk.
  • Dean's amigos from Venezuela...long story!
  • Swimming in the ocean with a horse??
  •  So fun to watch...until he the ocean...sick!
  • Fake dude at a rum store. 
  • They add rum to EVERYTHING!
  •  Dutch cheese...WHAT IS THIS?
  •  The world's smallest bar.
  • Abandoned hotels and homes everywhere...some weren't even finished before they were left behind. 
  •  Is it a it a golfcart...what is it?
  • Roads blocked because of construction...the locals just go the other way around the island!
  • Caribbean chickens.
  • Abandoned vehicles...everywhere!

  • Low flying airplanes...heads up!
After's the Caribbean mahn!


  1. No pictures of the turtle eating a baguette?

  2. Rum in everything? If the last post hadn't make Erik drool over the Caribbean, that one fact seals the deal.