Friday, November 4, 2011

Which Came First

Happy Halloween from the grand babies.

But the question is...

which one came first?

The chicken...

 or the egg?

It is a causality dilemma...

 that has plagued philosophers through the ages.

I wonder if Papa knows!

The inquiry has a reputation for being difficult

perhaps even impossible to answer.

You might even declare it

to be a conundrum!

 I suppose in the end, it doesn't really matter...

 whether egg

or chicken. 

The most important thing is...they are here...both of them! And we couldn't be happier!


  1. Lisa the way you look when you hold those little babies is simply radiant. I see so much love in your family. I hope all had a fun Halloween.

  2. Oh my goodness! These pictures turned out great. You're pretty talented to take care of them and do a photoshoot. I'm impressed!

  3. Oh my goodness. What absolutely perfect costumes for these two little ones! Each picture is wonderful, and I especially love the last one of you with them.

  4. Hilarious! The one of Olivia bending through the fence is so cute. Love the one with you & the kids.

  5. Oh my goodness! They are so stinking cute! And the joy in both you and your hubby's eyes when you hold them - priceless!

  6. Love these pictures, and Henry's costume turned out darling!

  7. They couldn't be any more adorable!!! P.s. I think their costumes solved the conundrum! It looks like the chicken came just about six months sooner than the egg! ;)

  8. Oh my dear...those grandbabies are so adorable and you seem to glow when holding them. Those costumes are way TOO funny. Hysterical. Inquiring minds now know which came first! I love your photos!!!

  9. So so cute, Lisa!

    check this out when you get a sec ;)

  10. cutest photos ever. you need to frame some of those.

    cute cute cute

  11. Lisa, My oldest daughter who is 24 was an egg hatching chicken for her second halloween. Seeing these photo's brought back so many memorie for me. I will have to share a picture with you some time :)