Friday, November 11, 2011

Not Going Home

Go big or Go Home...a mantra The Red One not only claimed on a regular basis, but something she lived completely every day of her fifteen short but remarkable years among us. From her passion for skiing to her love for girlfriends...Jocie always went big.

I suppose that when Dean first concocted the idea of jiggysticks and then later put his vision into place, he had no concept how far he would go with this product.  Building a website, working with a graphic artist, and filling a few orders now and then has been completely enthralling.

Over the past year we have perfected the formula, tweaking it ever so slightly until it's sublimely perfect. I claim the distinction of being a lip balm's in my genes, remember? I would not be satisfied until jiggystick had the smoothest and most supreme attribute of any hand-crafted lip balm on the market.

We've had a blast soliciting visitors who dropped by to help with production; even Kelly, who is an actual chemist by occupation.

The labels have gone through several redesigns and reiterations as well. 

Designing new flavors has undoubtedly been the most fun. 

Knowing that we had a work in progress, we looked forward to each new innovation as a progression to perfection.  One of the most satisfying aspects to emerge with the jiggystick vision has been to memorialize children that have passed away much too soon. To date, we have been honored to be involved with Maddie Mango and Huckleberry Hike. 

Which brings jiggystick to the point of making the ultimate decision...go big or go home? 

Officially...jiggystick will be going BIG!

The jiggystick site has been completely redesigned thanks to amazing and talented professionals. Pop on over and take a peak. I think you will love it too!

Here is an excerpt from the section called "Our Purpose"...the vision behind the jiggystick product.

In memory of...

A beautiful spring day in March 2008 tragically changed our family forever.  Our adorable 15 year old daughter Jocie heartbreakingly passed away in a skiing accident in Northern Utah.  Only those that have experienced the dark mourning that comes with losing a child can understand the helpless, senseless, haunting feeling that follows you like a dark shadow.  As her father, I had this unquenchable thirst to somehow memorialize our beloved daughter. During this initial phase of mourning, for an unknown reason I became attracted to and started keeping bees. Observing a thriving, living, active colony of bees was both therapeutic and healing. I honestly believe the bees saved me.
In addition to delicious honey, my first harvest also produced a considerable amount of pure golden beeswax which intrigued me. Jocie who was well known by her nickname” Jiggy”, constantly carried a tube of lip balm with her.  And just like that…jiggystick was created!

When you are over visiting the newly designed site...make sure you check out the recipe section too.  I'll continue to add new ones, as I LOVE cooking with honey at my house!

We are streamlining our production by purchasing several "pipette-man" calibrated to correctly and completely fill each lip balm tube. We now own a label-application machine and we even have our own official jiggystick stamp. T-shirts are in the works and will be printed soon.

This week we have been busy working in the lab to contrive a dreamy and delicious winter be revealed soon! I can hardly wait to add it to Christmas stockings and packages. 

And for those of you who wonder why?

There are several reasons really...

-because our treasured daughter "Jiggy" lived her life with absolutely no regrets; loving every element of every detail of every day. Jiggystick lip balm immortalizes her legacy.

-because every day that I pass a red-haired child and my heart shatters all over again, I have something to focus my anguish on.

-because tragedy can befall anyone...and if it does, you too can persevere by defining your own jiggystick dream.

-because sometimes the life you live isn't the life you planned on.

-because the world could use a little bit of fun in the form of a lip balm.

-and finally because we envision becoming the Kleenex of tissues...the Xerox of copiers...and the jiggystick of lip balms. Go big or go home remember?

When reaching for a lip balm we want to hear..."Do you have any jiggystick!"


  1. I'm so touched every time I read about your sweet daughter. I just visited the jiggysticks site and placed an order. It just makes me happy to do so!

  2. What an inspiring tribute Lisa!!!

  3. I am a visitor...I love reading your blog. My brother passed away five months ago. He was 18. It was a week after he graduated high school, and he was set to go to Villanova - my dad's alma mater. Life was just beginning for him.

    He fell, and hit his head one night, and was gone - just like that - ...

    I am 15 years older than my brother, and I mourn the loss of a sibling, but I mourn also in a way for my father - who is going through so much pain. I have four children of my own, and I realize that I have no idea how much it would hurt...

    So - thanks for your blog. It helps me to understand better how to help my dad. I want to be a better daughter in his time of need. It is really inspiring that you and your husband have made so much good come from something that is so painful. It seems like it has helped in healing.


  4. I'd say you have gone BIG! Another great tribute to Jiggy. Your words are always so inspiring. Love the new site too.

  5. My favorite is still the lemon scent. Yum!

  6. Lisa, you inspire me. I say "Go big!" and I wish you guys the best of luck!

  7. What a wonderful read today. I love seeing the process and learning more about how jiggysticks came to be. I received my Jiggysticks last week. My one wee one has the the pomegranate one in her "packpack" because purple is her favorite color. Thank you for sharing so much about your beautiful daughter. Big hugs Lisa :)

  8. "Yes I do have my Jiggystick" and I love it!! It's a great product and so glad you're going BIG!! Waiting on my order for stockings and such and love the new website.
    All did such a great job. The pictures and words shoeing the process in this post were great to see and read. Thanks Lisa. xx

  9. Jiggy Sticks are a "must have" for every occasion! even the tiny grandkids have one of there own at our house. We even use it for small cracks on our hands and cuticles, it is so soothing and healing. GO BIG! Love it!!!

  10. I am so proud of you guys figuring out how to do this. I have some lovely cakes of beautiful yellow wax sitting in my house..... just going to waste. Way to go big!

  11. I have been thinking about jocie alot lately. i was just wondering if there is a way that i can get one of those I <3 JG shirts? I asked Autumn and she said that they were out of them but i was hoping that you could let me know where to get one. As much as i miss jocie, I know that we will all see her again and that she will have a lot to tell us about what she's been doing. she's probably really busy up there helping us missionaries with "the work" at least that's how i think of it. She's also probably the one who's been sending all that snow that you guys have been having lately.

    Go Big or Go Home. ir in jocie's case just GO BIG!

    love ya Jocie

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    57-086 Eleku Kuilima Place #127 East
    Kahuku, Hawaii 96731