Friday, January 6, 2012

Knit Loose

Ridiculously laughing out of control, we completely lost it just about the same time we began singing "Knit loose, knit loose...everybody knit loose" sung to the Footloose tune.

You know..."Kick off your Sunday shoes...knit loose."

Over the holidays, Lawyer Girl, Momma Cass and I got a wild hair and plunged into the knitting world. After all...I quilt, embroider, cross-stitch, smock and even hard could it be?

Evidenced by mild swearing, numerous empty Diet Coke cans, frustrated sighs, and Lawyer girl's stress-relieving yoga headstands...pretty difficult!

That's what you get when you try to teach yourself to knit.

So we did what every other self-respecting novice knitter should do...we googled...and quickly discovered Judy-knitter to the stars on You Tube..

"And again you put the needle through, take the yarn and wrap it around, push it down toward you...pull it forward and off the needle" says Judy.

And again..."You just keep going and going and going" says annoying Judy.

Sometime after undoing our stitches approximately 800 times, Judy started to make a tiny bit of sense.

"And again you just get into the rhythm of it!"

By the end of her vacation, Lawyer Girl had become our resident knitting guru!

"And just get into it...practice, practice, practice."

That's enough Judy!


  1. I too had a goal of teaching myself to knit over Christmas Break. I had an EPIC FAIL. I too can cross stitch, quilt, crochet, etc, but I think since my mind is used to holding the yarn in my left hand for crochet, it felt weird to hold yarn to my right for knitting. It was like it was all backwards. I'm glad you posted this video. I'm sure I'll be referring to it again and again!

  2. Right there with you girls! I can straight knit and pearl:) Always too loose. Im going to try my attempts at needlepoint this winter. Here is a link with some precious downloads.
    I'll have to check out that knitting link. Cheers to never giving up!!

  3. I'm impressed! I really like the green of your yarn. I saw your gorgeous chicken & egg photo in Karen's making the shot issue.

  4. KNITJA! Just wait until you see my cable knit washcloth. You will be green with envy at my knitja skillz.

  5. Knitloose. The perfect knitting song and I've never thought of it. Watch out for your new addiction-- it's a crazy one!

  6. You can find lots of YouTube videos on knitting. Just search whatever stitch you want to do and someone will teach you! I learned a lot that way. Of course, I have barely picked up a needle since I picked up my camera! I told my knitting friends that I am still joining I their group but I a, going to photograph them! Good luck with it. Lisa! Love your blog and your photos! It is all just beautiful - like you!

  7. It is interesting - learning to knit...but once you get it, almost soothing.

    When I learned to knit, I just kept asking myself, "Who came up with this?!" Actually, I still ask myself this all the time.