Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And lastly...Adorable December

Wrapping up 2011...it was easy-peasy to find Adorable things during the month of December.

  • Olivia unwrapped her gift from Papa and found a Yo Gabba Gabba Muno doll...he was so proud of himself for picking it out.  The two of them have a little routine...Olivia hands Papa the TV remote, bats her adorable blue eyes, and presto...her favorite show appears on the screen! Everybody wins!

  •  And one for Henry too...Roby is the little green guy on Yo Gabba Gabba. 

  • Lawyer Girl claims I spoiled the babies for Christmas. But I couldn't help myself, and it seems neither could Papa.

  • Chubby little pink arms reaching out to you followed by those smoochy grand baby kisses...are simply impossible to resist.  

  • Something she likes to call..."crafter-noon"! Yup, surprised all of us when Lawyer Girl picked up a paint brush instead of her computer one afternoon.

  •  Adorable Danny...she's baa-aack!

  • Eggs...apparently happy chickens are laying chickens here at The Garlick Press, even during the cold winter months! 

  • And finally, the first Christmas card from The Garlick Press since our loss. My adorable friend Michelle gently nudged me into taking this step.

For The Garlick Press, it's been an adorable and remarkable year...thanks for following along with us.

May 2012 be just as adorable for each of you!


  1. Can't your grandbabies be any cuter? I totally understand why you can't help but spoil them.

    Your card is beautiful. I'm happy to know you've taken this bold step. May your heart continue to heal. Hugs!

  2. Adorable in every way! Your photos are gorgeous as are your subjects. So what's the word for 2012?

  3. So adorable! It was great seeing you last week. Also...I gave the Jiggy Sticks to some friends and family in AZ and they keep telling me how much they love them! Thanks again! :-)