Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dreaming of Sugar Plums

Oh the memories...

this quilt will hold some day. A gift finished literally last minute for Momma Cass and her babies.

Next Christmas when they are one year older, Olivia and Henry will take turns sleeping under this magical Santa quilt. As they toss around each night during the Christmas season...the tiny tinkling of nine little bells will accompany the visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.

A similar but well-worn version of this quilt has been snuggling with my children for many Christmas seasons in the past; The Teenager still sleeping under it this year, and Lawyer Girl too when she arrived. The bells are tarnished and a couple of them no longer jingle...but yesterday as I folded and put it away for another year, I couldn't help but nestle up to it myself. 

Although the batting is no longer as lofty as it once was...merry dreams of Christmas' past billowed from the patchwork creation. 

Childhood dreams from The Blond one, The Brown one, The Baby Brother...and most especially from The Red One. For just a moment, angel Jocie's magical Christmas dreams were wrapped completely around me...and I felt her warmth envelope me.

Can you just imagine the visions of sugar plums my grand babies are going to have through the years?


  1. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful beautiful tradition. Your grand babies are surely blessed--many times over!

  2. Your children and grandchildren are so blessed Lisa. They will surely feel your love every time they snuggle under this treasured gift.

  3. How beautiful! What a great tradition to begin all over again with your grandchildren.

  4. I feel like I should add an explanation.

    Yes, my hair is quite wet in these pictures. No, I do not usually go to family functions with wet hair. (Buy a vowel, use a towel.) We had just been skiing and showered and our schedule did not allow for extra time for me to blow dry my very long and very thick hair.

    Also, we love Santa quilt 2.0. Olivia dragged it around the basement yesterday hugging it and saying, "Ohhhhh."

  5. Love the quilt! Olivia & Henry are so blessed to have you as their Nana.

  6. what a beautiful quilt and tradition!