Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The Teenager knew for an entire week that it was on the way...counting down the days as if he were an anxious preschooler waiting for Christmas!

 But when the man in brown finally delivered the extra large box all the way from New York...

 he was absolutely giddy!

 Olivia seemed to be more interested in the awesome packing.

Who knew that little white puffs of styrofoam could be so entertaining.

 Little Henry was not feeling the same enthusiasm.

The gift came with specific Frank in NYC as soon as The Teenager opened it.

This sweet vintage electric guitar in mint condition is an authentic American made Fender Strat from the 1970's. A collector's guitar, the Stratocaster has been the electric guitar of choice for super rock stars including Jimi Hendrix.

Drooling, and picking out chords even before hooked up to an amp...Chet was pretty amazed at how "mint" this guitar was. Mint is a term of endearment that Chet and Frank share!

Even Momma Cass wanted a turn with the new baby. 

Personally, I love that there are years of melodies just oozing from the bridge of this guitar. Just imagine the fingers that have been carefully placed on each fret to make the perfect note time after time. 

Now this guitar comes with a strict list of Frank's rules:

  1.  ENJOY IT!
  2. It is an heirloom, it can only go back to Frank or a Garlick child if Chet decides not to play it. It is a super specially worked fine tuned instrument, not an off-the-shelf model. It needs to be kept in the case or on a stand…no throwing around the room or bashing it like a rock star!
  3. Play your heart out!!!

The Garlick Press is completely over the moon and so appreciative of this totally "mint" gift! The next time you stop sure to ask The Teenager for a private gig.

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  1. awesome. And don't tell Chet that he looks a lot like Dio when he is playing.