Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fourteen in February

February...the month of love...and how does he love me, let me count it in days.

February 1st... Technologically speaking Valentine you totally have me wired!
2nd   And Valentine...Honey Badger DOES love good news from your office, thanks for sharing!
3rd   Valentine I'm so happy to be stuck with you on the couch watching chick flicks.
4th   You shine Valentine, thanks for washing my car.

5th   Valentine you tickle my funny bone when you ask "Is pie fattening"?
6th   U R 2 good 2 B true with your text on the way to Mexico saying "Adios Chica"
7th   Bee mine Valentine...with your sweet honey drizzled over breakfast toast.
8th   Telephone calls whenever your plane lands Valentine...always make my heart soar.
9th   Valentine there's nothing fishy about sharing sushi with you on a Friday night.

10th  Hip hip hooray...you're my best cheerleader Valentine when I need to start and finish Miss Mary's quilt today.

11th  Valentine you're a champion for taking The Teenager to The Dew Tour.
12th  You crack me up Valentine...and I'm egg-static you fed the chickens on your way out the door.

13th  Dawg Gone it Valentine...you are bad to the bone!

14th  Valentine...of all the love stories in the world, ours is my favorite!


Happy Valentines Day one and all!


  1. such a great post. And Dean did a really nice job on that quilt. ;) Your marriage is truly one of the best I've seen; I love watching the two of you create and brainstorm and rip up the ski hill together.

  2. Oh man you guys are tots presh! I LOVE the black and white photo. Totally framing-material.

  3. Love this Valentine's post. Happy Valentine's to an amazing couple!