Thursday, April 26, 2012


Is it just me...or is this the most gorgeous Spring we've seen in years?

Walking the streets of my little spot in the world...the smell is nothing short of intoxicating. 

Even my little granddaughter seems mesmerized by the beauty within her grasp. 

 Reaching down to breathe in the sweetness of a tulip...

 but deciding instead that this scarlet red tulip is truly good enough to eat!

Perhaps this Spring is more vibrant...or perhaps I am merely waking up to see the enchantment of this season for the first time in over four years. 

Welcome's so nice to see you!


  1. It is truly a beautiful spring. Are tulips yummy? Haven't tried one lately!!

  2. Classic Olivia, if it looks pretty it has to be food!

    These pix made me literally LOL!

  3. For some reason I particularly love your first shot, and am laughing at the ones at Olivia eating the tulip! I agree with you (and your beautiful way of expressing it) about how some springs, and the noticing of them, can really bring a sense of awakening after personal trials.

  4. I is a beautiful spring. A wonderful awakening Lisa and it's that's what it is, I'm truly happy for you. Those tulips do look good enough to eat!

  5. It *is* such a beautiful Spring! And, little Olivia makes it even look more beautiful! Thanks for sharing your little slice of heaven with all of us. An awakening to Enchntment - how wonderful!!

  6. Your grandbabies make every day beautiful, but I agree, this is the best Spring we've had in years. Last year was so dark and snowy.

  7. We are also having a perfect Spring. So beautiful. Oh that little sweet girl is so adorable! xo