Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Leaping Over April

About two-thirds through the Tough Mudder...the Nodding Donkey team was tired and muddy and facing the formidable Berlin Walls. Exhaustion outranked enthusiasm for the first time that day. The only way to get over the walls would require a tremendous amount of team effort. Donkey after donkey stepped on Drew's unyielding muscular back, followed by Dean and Ken hoisting them up and over the top of the wall.

That's teamwork...and one photo that made my heart leap during the month of April. It was inspiring to watch the Nodding Donkeys pull together and conquer those Berlin Walls.


  1. This photo has such depth, it reminds me of the photos you see in TIME. Lisa you really capture the heart and touch the heart.

  2. Very, very cool picture. I know how he feels and what it takes to get over that "wall". Way to go, Dean.