Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Little Man

The fine wispy-blond locks of hair falling at various uneven lengths around his soft small head are an excellent indication that he is still a baby. But it was time for a first haircut.

Great Grandpa Owen has been giving first haircuts for over 60 years including little Henry's own Bubba Dean. There have been a variety of people who have sat in Owen's big barber chair over the years...big ones, small ones, important ones, hairy ones, not-so-hairy ones.

But the most memorable ones would have to be the little ones. All that means nothing to disheartened Henry as sharp scary scissors come snipping his direction.

Ever so gently Grandpa Owen speaks to Henry as he begins the process of changing the baby into a little boy. With every movement of his seasoned scissors Grandpa whispers "Snip, snip, snip", gradually calming Henry's fears and apprehension.

Hugging Nana doesn't hurt either.

I'm confident this is not the first crying customer Owen has ever had in his chair as he doesn't seem one bit distracted by Henry's outward disapproval.

With tear-stained cheeks Henry's breaths calm. He will never remember that his Great Grandfather gave him his first haircut...that his Nana held him tight to ease his fears while his Bubba snapped photos to document the event. But we will.

Neither Owen, Bubba or Nanna will forget his generational haircut...from Great Grandfather to Great Grandson!

But Henry might remember being loved by Nanna on the day he grew from a baby to a little man with just a few snips of his soft baby locks.


  1. Love this. And Dean did a great job on the photos.

  2. So cute! I love that you got beautiful pictures of the day. How do they grown up so fast?

  3. Little Henry is so blessed to have this milestone recorded in the family history books. What a precious moment captured in photos and words.

  4. Love this..and his sweet cut. Astrid is nearly 3 and I cannot cut her hair yet..but oh it needs it!