Saturday, May 19, 2012

Booboo Palooza

I've been called a lot of things in my life...Freddy by my high school buddies, Momma by my own kiddos, Mrs Garlick (so weird when I heard it for the first time), Sister, Daughter, Aunt, Honey, Weirdo, Punk, etc.

But these little people...

they call me Nanna. It's my all-time favorite name. In return, Bubba and I call these two the Booboos...and a week with these sweet cherubs is a Booboo palooza.

This is what happens when Bubba is in charge of the Booboos while I take a very quick shower...he must have "dog whisperer" like skills.

I was literally only out of the room for 15 minutes when I found them both asleep on the floor at 9:00 in the morning.

Mealtime with the babies is quite an event. I would just stand between the two highchairs and hand out food to the one demanding it the loudest. Henry the little monkey eats more bananas in a day than a zoo full of primates.

And oh mama mia...Olivia can slurp/wear pasta and breadsticks better than any Italian baby you'll ever see.

Our Booboo palooza included many trips to the chicken coop to gather eggs and speak chicken-eze with the girls in the hen house. Henry and Olivia learned to repeat what the chicken says "back back" and what the bee says "zzzz".

Henry resorted to crawling to the coop. His newly walking legs found it difficult to maneuver through the blades of grass on the steep hillside leading to the chickens.

Of course I spoil the Booboos...that's a Nanna's prerogative.

If you look back at the days we spent together you would note that I didn't accomplish a single thing other than playing with these little people. Daily walks to the park, picnics with friends, tea parties, ball games, dancing, eating, and giggling filled our days.

And I can hardly wait for our next Booboo palooza!


  1. It's been so much fun watching these babies grow up via your blog. They are so BEAUTIFUL!! I love how much you love them. It comes through loud and clear! :)

  2. I like my Nana name very much, too. Those photos are just beautiful!! They are lucky little sweeties to have you and Bubba to love on them and spoil 'em rotten!

  3. I love your beautiful photos of my beautiful babies!

    And they sure had a fun time with you guys.

  4. cutest babies.

    you are the sweetest Nana.

  5. My Esther became my "Booboo" when she was born and it's all that Eloise has ever called her...until this year in first grade. Eloise will yell "hey Booboo" in front of schoolmates and Esther will quietly whisper to her "Please don't call me that anymore."

    (But thankfully Booboo lets us still call her that at home.)

    Your Booboos are adorable!xo

    1. Tracy, your Esther and my grand babies make adorable Booboos!

  6. The first one is my FAVORITE! Love love love.

  7. You have the most precious babies! I so look forward to your posts about them! Love!