Friday, May 25, 2012

Meat Day Times Five

As Meat Day goes (aka Mother's Day)...this was a great one. Lawyer girl flew in from LA so we could celebrate a half decade of our favorite tradition together. To commemorate the event, I have some Meat Day wisdom for you...because what happens on Meat Day stays on Meat Day.

Obnoxious table manners are not only allowed but appreciated, because plastic spoons make great monocles.

Contrary to what Pink Floyd CAN eat your pudding even if you don't eat your meat.

Let's just say the proof is in the pudding!

Teeange boys can eat A prepared for glossy eyes and Meat Day hangover.

Anything goes as far as Meat Day attire, you can even dress in green plaid just like your Dad. But make sure you have an expandable waistband.  "Eatin' pants" are mandatory!

No one keeps track of how many deserts you have, or that your Nanna gave you a bowl full of sprinkles for desert.

Allow lots of grandbaby snuggle time after dinner. I can only hold 60 pounds of baby for about 2 minutes before my arms go numb.

A nice relaxing stroll through the field after dinner is always nice!

Do make sure you accessorize properly. A vintage blue handbag works perfectly.

Try not to overexert yourself after the big meal...unless you're 15...then go ahead and do whatever you want!

And most of all, surround yourself with great people on Meat Day. The Boy One, the Blond One and the Brown One are not only intelligent, witty, compassionate people...they are my people. And if you look closely you'll see the spirit of The Red One in each of us. Our smiles, our laughter, and our souls sing with her voice! Happy Meat Day to all!


  1. Weird.

    I have absolutely no recollection of attempting to choke Chet.

  2. Beautiful day! I'm SO happy I was able to be there.

    Oh and my siblings are super weird.