Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Purple at Fifteen

Sometime in the past few years I stopped shopping for him at places like Old Navy and Gap Kids.

It seems just last night that he insisted we only call him "Buzz Lightyear". Because you see...he was Buzz Lightyear, as he wore the Buzz outfit an entire year of his childhood. 

Sometime in the past few years I started buying him razors and stopped cutting his meat! 

And sometime during the past few years The Teenager passed me in height...it happened overnight. Now, he can wear his Dad's shoes, uses cologne, and does pull-ups from a rod in his doorway.

But just last week he let me shop for him. He even liked the purple I picked out...and the vest...he was really excited about the vest! Fifteen looks good on The Teenager as does the purple!

Maybe sometime in the future he'll let me take photos of him for more than 1 minute before he bails on me! Just maybe...

1 comment:

  1. So fun to watch as the little guy who used to play with rolled up fat quarters at guild has become a handsome young man with a fabulous future ahead of him!