Thursday, July 19, 2012

Big Time Figure Skater

My friend Francesca lives in New York City

she flies all the way to Utah with her Mom and Dad

to hang out with Chet even though his tongue is hanging out of his mouth.

Since Francesca has become a big-time figure skater

I asked her to bring along her skates and show us her stuff.

Waiting, waiting, waiting

for the Zamboni to clear the ice. 

can feel like forever when you are a big-time figure skater.

Finally on the ice,

it's time to stretch

and warm up.

Daddy Frank takes her to her home rink in NYC where she skates three hours a day.

It might be obvious by the look on her face...

my friend loves to perform on the ice.

She learned how to do an axel in less than 2 months

that's because she is a big-time figure skater.

Figure skating is exhausting

but Francesca still makes time for her adoring fans

and to giggle a minute or two.


and spinning never makes her dizzy, that's because she is a big-time figure skater.

I'm very proud of my young friend Francesca

for all her dedication and commitment 

to her sport.

You know what they say...behind every great athlete are supportive and loving parents...

along with a couple of dudes schlepping bags and stuff for the big-time figure skater and her big-time photographer.


  1. I can't wait to see Francesca skate for the USA one year! How adorable!

  2. We will watch for her on the GOLD podium! What a precious face. How fortunate for her to have such devoted and loving parents, you can see the love in their eyes. You captured all that and more you big-time photograper!!

  3. She is lovely! My oldest started to skate more seriously this year. She loves it so much! (I admit to freezing my bum off every week though! lol)