Friday, July 13, 2012

Surprising Bob

I honestly don't know how she did it...

 One minute he's on a bike ride with a friend,

 thinking he's coming home to a small 4th of July BBQ with a few close friends.

 And the next minute...all his friends and family are in his own backyard shouting Happy Birthday!

But the funniest part had to be during Cassandra's instructional diatribe to her guests about the menu.

 Her obnoxious teenage brother imitating every gesture...

 without her knowing...

 and it was hilarious!

 Just as soon as the coast was clear with Bob on his pretend bike ride, Cassandra started dishing out orders. The ribs, salmon, brats and pineapple had to be put on the smoker.

Tables and chairs had to be set up...including this one with Bob's favorite treats.

 The kiddos splashed and played in the "waiting" pool until he arrived.

Entertainment from the party came in the form of helicopters and airplanes fighting the raging fire on the mountainside. Utah is so dry and in desperate need of rain.

It was so fun to see all of Bob's family .

and friends gather to celebrate his day.

I think the kids had the most fun

trying out the sandbox in Olivia and Henry's new backyard.

Wearing jammies that say "Sassy Like Mom", Olivia had the time of her life.

Jamey has a pair of socks for every holiday.

I could hardly get enough of Avery and her fire cracker pig tail hair-do.

Henry discovered a new favorite beverage someone left lying around.

But did you see these beautiful redheads Olivia is hanging out with? Goodness gracious be still my heart.

Cassandra thought it was hilarious to make Bob open presents in the middle of a circle. With everyone watching, it was like he was five again.

Cassandra has the dearest friends.

Kate discovered and then told

Olivia that someone left an entire bowl of gummy worms just within their reach...

Nanna, do you want one?

In addition to planning and orchestrating a surprise birthday party for her hubby, Cass also managed to find the time to make a quilt

commemorating his milestone birthday.

Happy Birthday wishes and love to my favorite son-in-law! A great husband and fabulous father, I know just how much he loves and adores my daughter and their two babbling babies. So much alike and yet different...they complement and complete each other's lives. I'm truly thankful he's part of this family.

Sometimes Olivia needs to rest during parties...but she is not sleepy, not one little bit.

Bubba couldn't resist beautiful brown-eyed Avery either!

Just one more cupcake Mom, I promise!


  1. It was a great party! A raging success!

  2. Looks like a Fabulous & Fun Event with Family and Friends!! Cass did a wonderful job on his quilt, what a treasure.

  3. Oh what a wonderful surprise! I love little brother poking fun there. So much love in your family. I want to be part of it.

  4. Ok Mama have super-human powers. What a great event and the quilt was breathtaking. Chet must have stole the show for that moment in time! Families are the BEST blessing ever!

  5. What a special day for your son-in-law. Your daughter did well to get all that set up in that short time, I'd just be going around in circles!

  6. My word - what an amazing party! And I loved the 'waiting' pool! lol