Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Most families hold annual reunions during the hot summer months. You know with matching t-shirts, gunny sack races, and Grandma's baked beans.

But not the Garlick family...we hold a film festival. Thanks to Rod and Kathi for annually organizing and hosting the event. It's very nearly as big of a deal as the Sundance Film Festival...well maybe even bigger!

It began innocently enough with Kirsten living in Oregon video taping a slug! And soon enough GarlickDance made it's premiere.

The slug named Emry has since become the symbol of GarlickDance, with the winner's trophy proudly wearing the name.

The rules for submitting a film to the festival have changed slightly over the years. Festival rules in 2012 state your film has to be less than 12 minutes long...

and contain these required elements.

Simultaneously, the GarlickDance films are premiered in four different locations in Utah, California, and Oregon. Following the last movie, festival goers complete a ballot and vote for their favorite.

Brother and sister...I think they look alike don't you? Dean collaborated with Lawyer Girl Dione in LA this year. Although there is some controversy over how much work Dean actually did and why he got top billing as producer.

Jill and Matt and their little munchkins made a movie this year, which included My Little Pony scenes.

Anyone who is anyone will be seen at The GarlickDance premiere. Including Famous opera singer Erika and her husband Cody.

Although Harley told me she just comes for the desert.

And this guy...I don't care why he came; with that hair and that shirt, he can go wherever he wants!

This is Dean's niece Lisa. When she was little they used to call us Big Lisa and Little Lisa. I did not care for the nickname "Big Lisa" and I'm pretty sure she hated the "little" reference while she was growing up. Now the family just calls us Lisa and we both turn our heads.

GarlickDance comes complete with babysitting services in a playroom. Cool huh?

Addison is the youngest ever producer to submit a film to GarlickDance. At the mature age of FIVE...she made an awesome movie with a lion a tiger a princess, a wizard and Nate.

So without further ado...little girl big city-true life story of dione garlick

You'll need about 12 minutes, so grab a beverage and enjoy!

little girl big city- true life story of dione garlick 1280x720 from Lisa Garlick on Vimeo.

After the votes were tallied was Kathi and Cori's film "Intervention" which came home with the trophy!

Kathi's films are always my favorite every year, so it was time she got a win! Kathi and her sister have the quirkiest sense of humor that is simply hysterical in their movies.

So while you are attending your summer family reunion...baking in the hot sun waiting for Uncle Don to stop telling his endless stories. Pick up your video camera and start filming. Who knows, maybe you could start your own film festival that just might be as famous as GarlickDance.


  1. Dione's film was awesome!

    I don't think any family can top your tradition. Wow.

  2. Hey, I voted for Dean & Dione's film! It was fall-on-the-floor hilarious! Regardless of who should have gotten top billing, I hope the Dean/Dione/Jen collaboration continues.

  3. Fantastic, Lisa!! Thanks for the great photo-garlick-spread!!!

  4. Okay - that was amazing. Also now I want to fly out and have a coffee and Jen and a froyo with Dione(unless she's still on the wagon of course).

  5. What a great idea with the film festival! Your Dionne is very talented.