Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer VayCay-Day 1

I'll admit when we began throwing around family vacation destinations...travelling all the way to the Caribbean seemed a bit crazy. Especially for the Mom and Dad of two under two year olds! It has been over four years since the whole "fam damily" went on vacation together, so this needed to be something deliriously fun for all of us. In upcoming posts I'll share a few of the things we learned while on summer vacation.

For instance...what happens when babies

meet the beach

for the very first time...

absolute delight!

Palm trees on vacation are always a good sign.

The toddler stance is adorable...and altogether gone too quickly.

It is surprising how easy all those Type A personalities in the family can relax in the hot summer sun.

On Day One of a beach vacation, it is very important that you use extra caution and not get sunburned. Basically we dipped the babies in sunscreen every two hours. Not to mention any names, but Bob...ahem...could have used the same dipping.

Don't be surprised if you see pigs running loose on the beach in the Caribbean.

Building a pool for your kids on the beach requires lots of water

and lots of patience.

But the payoff is enormous.

Babies love crawling in

and out of their own personal beach pool

that is just the right size.

Eating sand...

is yucky every time you try it!

A little hidden beach called Happy Bay is just a short hike from Friar's Bay Beach. A naked French man suntanning by himself on Happy Bay...

can even make the snorkel gang pack up and leave. And I seriously did not realize monsieur was still visible in this photo when I took it. Let's play Where's Waldo...I mean Where's Pierre?

Day One is pretty much summed up in this sibling photo. And yes Chet...Dione somehow got your hair "Biebered" rather than the normal straight down comb.


  1. Oh, those babies on the beach! Looks like everyone had such a great time!

  2. Oh COME ON - he makes that Beib look so good.

  3. Looks like you all had major fun! The babies are so cute!
    Can't wait to see more (no pressure there).

  4. So beautiful! What an amazing time day 1 looked. So every time you try sand it is still yucky?? I love that sandy face.

  5. Great pictures! I'm glad I got to see that naked guy after all.

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. I'm so glad you had such a marvelous vacation. I miss those babies. Give them kisses for me.

  7. Oh those babies. Looks like an amazing vacation. Need more close-up shots of naked French guy. ahem.

  8. Lisa, you've outdone yourself with the photos of Olivia and Henry on the beach - they're delightful. As well as their cute as cute and stylish swimming outfits!!