Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Can you believe it...Miss Olivia Jocelyn is two!

It seems just yesterday that I composed this post of her birth with tearful eyes and hope springing in my heart!

My adorable blonde baby girl grandchild is two! And there isn't a second that ticks by that I don't pinch myself, for I am so blessed to be her grandmother...her Nana!

Two years have flashed by in a wink...two years of watching her Daddy fall head over heals in love with his little girl.

They ride bikes, hike, go to movies,

and spend a million priceless moments of her childhood together.

During those two years she became a big sister to this guy...surprising all of us!

They are more than just brother and sister...O & H are best friends. They are the yin and yang of toddlers...one complementing the other and connecting each other to the world.

Olivia and Henry do everything together...

from sharing a room and toys to even having their own "twin" language.

This is Lilly, Olivia and Henry's adorable new cousin.

In a show of brilliance, Miss Olivia is already speaking in sentences. The gibberish language I was so fond of is rapidly fading away.

Believe it or not, if big sis Olivia receives something...

she immediately asks if you have one for Henry too. That always tugs at my Nana beating heart just a little bit.

Olivia has so many people that love and adore her.

and enhance her life with joy and beauty.

But being a Nana is the best thing in the whole entire world...

I think it's even better than being a Mama...but don't tell my kids that!

The very moment those gorgeous bluish-green eyes light up and sparkle when Olivia sees her Nana; running with outstretched arms and jumping into my embrace...well it's simply heaven.

Every single day I am filled with gratitude for the miracle that brought little Olivia into my life,

that gifted motherhood on my beautiful daughter. Cassandra is such a wonderful Mama...patient, loving, and filling her children's days with knowledge and compassion and humor!

And this is Olivia's cousin Logan, he asked if I would take a photo of his spiderman face.

It's been an incredible two years filled with Olivia...and I look forward with delight and anticipation for years three and four and five and...

Happy Birthday Olivia!


  1. I went back and read your post of Olivia's birth--how very wonderful and sweet. It got me all teary imagining myself as a grandmother some day. Oh, she is such a beautiful two-year-old. Happy Birthday, Olivia!

    1. Julie you will be a wonderful grandmother some day and will adore the title just as much as I do! I just know it.

  2. She's just so beautiful and your photos are pure art. Loving the red hair coming through.

    Happy birthday gorgeous Olivia!