Monday, October 8, 2012


It's Jiggy Day.
Today Jocie would be sweeping gracefully into her twenties. I wonder what her twenty year old self would look like. Sometimes passing a stunning young adult red-head I think I know. I miss much today as the day she vanished from my arms. Although there are a million, here are twenty things I miss about The Red One.

  • Those astounding freckles that tell the story of her life
  • Her cat noise "Reeer" in response to parental chastising
  • Giggles from her girlfriends sleeping upstairs
  • Shopping with her at Anthropology and Nordstrom and Juicy and Buckle, and everywhere else
  • Her easy and contagious laugh
  • The way she picked up Izzy the pooch and carried her around like a baby.
  • Our conversations 
  • The way she bounds down sets of stairs
  • Her ridiculous requests
  • The nonsense that always follows her around
  • Her long gorgeous red hair with highlights in every hue
  • Skiing with her...sigh...
  • Her larger than life presence in our home.
  • Those long toes...usually with black or green or gold painted toenails
  • Her mischievous antics
  • The way she teased her baby brother relentlessly
  • Her voice...oh how I miss that voice.
  • Pairs of outrageous high heels left by the back door
  • How she talked me into buying a pack of gum whenever we were out.
  • The sister trio...The Brown One, The Blonde One, and The Red One

A close friend sent me a thoughtful note this week that resonates so deeply...

"Jocie is a super hero. We may not have met her in person (the way we've never met C.S.Lewis or Bach or Joan of Arc) but she inspires us, she has changed our family for the better."

Happy Birthday angel, I love you to the moon and back.


  1. love you. love your Jocie.

    I'm trying to enjoy her day, but is it OK to just be mad she's not here?

  2. Love that girl. I miss her too. I like telling Courtney about her. I know that she and Courtney would love to pick on me together.

  3. Love that girl. I miss her too. I like telling Courtney about her. I know that she and Courtney would love to pick on me together.

  4. Love you Lisa !! You inspire me everyday to find love in the world that just seems so unfair at times!! A libra like me!! Nikki <3

  5. I hope you have been able to find some joy on this Jiggy Day! Lots of love.

  6. Oh Happy Jiggy Day! Thank you sharing some of Jocie with me. I love you and appreciate having you in my life Lisa. You have truly made me a better person. The love for your "Red One" is beautiful. I treasure you. Big hugs!

  7. Happy Birthday sweet and fabulous Jiggy! I know you are up in heaven dancing with my Mama and someday I am sure we will meet up. I will do my best to be a good friend to your Mama here on earth sweet girl.
    Lisa through your posts I feel like I am getting to know Jocie a bit more each time I read about her. Thank you and hugs to you on this special day and always. Love you and can wait fot June so I can give you a hug in person!

  8. Happy Birthday from one Redhead to another!! I wish I could have met you Jocie- I am certain we would have been friends. From our love of absurd high heels to anything Anthro, I know we would have had a blast shopping, skiing and everything in between. I am privileged to know and call your mom friend. Keep shining down your love- it has touched so many people in the last 20 years!! Happy Jiggy Day!
    Love Nicole V :)

  9. I adore you, Lisa. Thank you for sharing Jocie with us and for inspiring me daily to be a better mom and person. You are so special.

  10. Love you Lisa. Happy Jiggy Day. Thank you for sharing her and I love her style. xoxo

  11. Though I never knew your sweet Jiggy, I do know her legacy, her goodness and the joy she inspires through your blog! What an amazing girl, an amazing mom, and amazing love.

    you are brave, and strong and someday i wanna be just like you:)

    happy jiggy day!!

  12. Always an emotional day for me...the whole spectrum of emotions!
    Camber's accident the week after - it's bigger than we know and hard
    to sort out sometimes. She is a gift and so are you and Dean and your beautiful family. Glad we have each other to get through this crazy life.
    Like Autumn's instagram says..."Because when you stop and look around, life is pretty amazing." Thanks for helping us keep looking, capturing and loving.

  13. Happy Birthday to your beautiful redheaded angel. May her warmth embrace you and your family today. I love that I get to know her alittle better through you. Sending love to you today sweet friend.

  14. Thinking of you today and celebrating Jiggy Day along with you. Hugs!

  15. Twenty very special things. Thank you for sharing these, Lisa. I think of Jocie, you and your incredible family every time I reach for a Jiggystick. Which is often. I think I'm an addict. ;-) love you!

  16. Thank you Lisa for explaining to me more about your girl - I'd have been just as happy to read the 'million things list' as well.

  17. This post really touched my heart. It's amazing how time flies...even when not everything is fun. Aren't you so grateful for beautiful photos, memories, and the little tangible things? You will always keep her beautiful, joyful spirit alive.