Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Punkin Patch Pickin

I love Fall...I know everyone says that.

But I truly love Fall, especially where I live.

Crisp cool night time temperatures warm into perfect golden days

where the Autumn sun kisses mountain leaves

making them twist and twirl and blush their colors of Fall.

It's the perfect time to gather at the Fredrickson Family Pumpkin Patch.

Where little girl cousins with chocolate on the end of their noses embrace.

And little boy cousins scout out the perfect pumpkin. It's important to have first choice.

And no matter what anyone says...

I am big enough to pick up this pumpkin all by myself!

OK...Dad can nip it off the vine, but that's all.

I can do the rest.

Because I'm big you know!

Perfectly capable of doing this by myself.

A quick wash and they are all ready to take home to be carved up for Halloween frights.






and Ambree all got to drive Grandpa's tractor...even if they didn't actually go anywhere.

Not sure what these two were up to...but I'm sure it is not trouble.

A little time to throw kids in the air.

One Two Three and blast off!

I love Lola trying to help her Daddy throw Olivia in the air.

Don't forget to give Henry a turn too.

My brother's giant hands wrap around his newest grandbaby Hazel, who is so beautifully named after my grandmother Hazel.

Before heading for home with our treasured Jack-o-lanterns to be...Grandpa Max wants to make sure we each take home a ginormous squash as well.

All done punkin pickin for this year...we picked the perfect ones Grandpa Max. Thank you!


  1. I love the kids being thrown in the air. Fall is beautiful in your corner of the world. Still missing you.

  2. Your photos are always so amazing. That is one reason why I love visiting your blog.

  3. Seeing all these shots of beautiful fall colours, I could a-l-m-o-s-t fall in love with fall (usually my least favorite season). Those kiddos are so cute!! You got some awesome shots going on there Lisa!! Miss you!!!!

  4. Yes! I do love fall. What beautiful colors and so much fun. I can't believe how big Olivia & Henry are getting. So adorable.

  5. I wish I can experience fall some day. Beautiful colors!
    And this blog post is just oozing with cuteness!