Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Birthdays are always a big deal here at The Garlick Press no matter the age being celebrated. This time, it happened to be Cassandra's day. Twinkling beautiful blue eyes give away the depth of her happiness.

Even though surrounded by two little people who keep her constantly busy and sleepless and running...Cass is blissfully happy with her little family. Someone is always coughing or barfing or pooping or crying or all of the above. If you don't believe me just try to carry on a phone conversation with her. But her joy through all of it is what I find remarkable. It is a profound reminder of what it takes to be a family.

 Family is that unconditional place you can always count on for love and adoration and a good story or two.

The place that might annoy you on occasion

but also make you gleeful. Goodness this photo got me. His smile and her smile adoring the annoyed two-year old...they are so much alike, right down to their grins.

Family is the place where kisses are passed along like gentle breezes in Autumn...gracing regularly along cheeks and lips and foreheads...

and the place where smiles are as plentiful as sunshine.

Family is the place where birthdays will always be celebrated...complete with candles whether or not it is cake or pie!

The place where wishes can still come true.

Family...it has to be one of the most beautiful masterpieces of life!


  1. You have a wonderful family! Happy Birthday Cassandra.

  2. Beautiful smiles, beautiful family!!

  3. Don't you wish you just click on a "love" button for beautiful posts that really need nothing more said?? <3

  4. Happy birthday Cassandra!
    You have a beautiful family Lisa!

  5. I love that Cassandra has pie for her birthday. So much love in these photos. I want you to adopt me....please!