Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dorothy Doodle

Dorothy Doodle came to town,

riding in a car,

Stuck a feather in her hat

oh wait...I mean her collar.

Dorothy Doodle sit right up,

Dorothy Doodle dandy.

Mind the Grandpa

kiss the boy...

And with the cows

have joy!

Excited to celebrate Thanksgiving...Dione and Dorothy the puppy made the drive all the way from the big city of Los Angeles home to The Garlick Press.

Dorothy had so many adventures that growing up as a city pup just doesn't allow. Don't worry this was post Thanksgiving these turkeys were all safe!

Olivia and Henry have grown up with puppies stepping on their toes, jumping over their heads, and licking up crumbs they leave behind. Playing with Dorothy was right up their alley!

It's no secret that this family is a pack of dog lovers...every single one of us!

So welcome to the family Dorothy Doodle Doo...we're happy to have you! And thanks for bringing Dione home with you.


  1. I am a sucker for Golden's. Dorothy is gorgeous and I know Bree, who still acts like a puppy, and her would get into heaps of trouble together. Izzy seems much too mature for such shenanigans. ;) Love it!

  2. Ohhhhh Dorfee LUBS her Utah vacation! She told me that she misses Izzy and Kenya and Eddie and Squee. Your photos are SO lovely!

  3. You know how I love Golden's! Dorothy is a cutie and I might need to steal/borrow her!

  4. What a darling pup...and owner!