Saturday, November 17, 2012


The jiggystick team has been very busy here at world headquarters.

It's such an exciting process to watch an idea come to fruition. After months and months of planning, crafting, designing, ordering, testing, etc...the "idea" is ready for production.

Mixing and weighing

following the formula precisely as our chemist crafted it.

We had a mold motif designed by our talented graphic artist and then sent off to a lab for specialty molds made to those exact design specifications.

Mango butter, macadamia nut oil, and this gorgeous hemp butter

are combined with beeswax from our apiary along with jojoba, olive, and fragrance oils.

Mixing is very precise...right down to the tenth of a gram.

It's all very exciting at this point.

And the smell is simply divine!

Each bar must be filled to the exact

specified weight.

The engineer and the chemist look for bubbles in the lotion bars that form around the tiny bee in the mold.

Once cooled, the lotion bars are unmolded and then carefully wrapped up, and placed in hexagon containers.

Add a label and there you have it! Jiggybars! You can find them at

That was a great idea you had there Dean. 


  1. I felt like I could almost smell it by reading your description and looking at the photos! Mmm!!

  2. Fabulous idea!! Now I won't have to use my "designated" jiggy stick for my dry fingers. Cannot wait to try any of the fabulous scents out.

  3. Amazing! This is amazing. I love the packaging.