Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holiday Images

Admittedly, I let the holidays just slip away, barely posting any photos. I took a few...but just a few. I was in that place where I sometimes go.

Today I opened up my Lightroom catalog and began peering through the few images I did take during the holidays.

What I found made me smile and remember...

The cookie exchange party that was so incredibly beautiful.

I felt as if I had stepped into a Martha Stewart scene

and was invited to stay for lunch.

It was easy to remember the teenage boys who waited at our door, eager to devour those seven dozen cookies.

I remember how absolutely perfect I wanted this gift to be.

How I fretted and planned and worried about it more than all my other Christmas gifts combined.

I remember her grace and overwhelming gratitude...

that brought puddles of tears for both of us.

I remember my friend Leisa modeling her "Birthday in a Box" gift...how sweet is that!

I remember how this little one couldn't wait to meet Santa. Though just two years old, Olivia was brave and confident...she snuggled right up to the chubby old elf.

I remember when Henry and Santa looked into each other's eyes and loved what they saw.

Of course, the annual Children's nativity was an image not to be forgotten. Sweet little Piper played all the animals in the scene one by one. And Grandpa Owen just beamed with pride watching his great grandchildren reenact the familiar story.

Dorothy the puppy had a hard time waiting for Christmas...she kept finding her hidden present under the tree and couldn't help herself from playing with it. We eventually gave in and let the clever pooch have her gift early.

And then when she thought no one was looking...Olivia sneaked a treat for Sami dog.

These images of Christmas 2012 are priceless.

Twenty years from now, we are going to laugh uproariously at Chet's Beard-all.

We will likely remark at how much Henry looked like his Mama in those days

and giggle at all the candy Olivia consumed Christmas Eve.

But most of all these images of Christmas 2012 remind me that every single photo I take has a story to tell. Innocent, raw, emotional, joyous stories lay just ahead. And that's why I climb out of that place I sometimes go...and am instantly drawn to my camera.

Happy New Year to you all...may you have a wonderful and blessed 2013.


  1. I so appreciated this post, Lisa. I too try to leave "that place" through my camera, and it really does help.

  2. There's so many images here to cherish - I'm intrigued by the cookie exchange, it sounded delightful, and of the gift that you had put so many hundreds of minutes into preparing and hoping - it looked like it went down so very well. But even though there were all these cherishing moments - of which you fully deserve, I'm really sorry there were those other moments. I'm sorry that for you to receive the 'cherishing' that that sometimes takes so much effort, even though from the general public view it doesn't seem so. I'd like to fix this for you, I really would, but you're well and truly experienced by now that I can't. For me, you are an inspiration that you somehow, often manage to climb out of that place, in the vibrant loving way that you do. Renee

  3. What beautiful photos of the holiday. You captured so much love and happiness in these shots. When the wee one saw the last photo of Izzy she said "It's a magic puppy!". Your photos warm my heart.

  4. What a sweet post. I absolutely love the photos with Ronda, and of course the beautiful grandbabies. I think it is so normal to go to that "place" and I wish I could help in those darker moments, but I am so happy when you are back with that smile, enthusiasm, and great laugh. I'll take you either way. You are amazing and I adore you.