Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Filthy Fifty 1,2,3

It's such a busy time of year. Parties, gifting, skiing, decorating, crafting, New Years-ing and Filthy fifty-ing! Which truly has been put on the back burner. However, I'm finally reporting on the first accomplishments of my Filthy Fifty list.
Filthy Fifty #1
iPhone pics are so handy sometimes
I entered Anthropologie with neither husband, girlfriend, or kids...just me. And I exited an hour later with several bags filled with evidence of my shopping spree. I love that store...from the window displays to the dishes to the shoes. I have to stop myself from twirling ridiculously with glee while in the store.

Filthy Fifty #2

Photography has become one of my loves. I've taken about a million zillion photographs and they're all filed neatly and expertly on my hard drive. Filthy Fifty #2 is to get those photos printed. I have wanted to create a gallery wall with some of my photographs for several years. Now I'm looking forward to filling the empty wall on the other side of the hall.

Filthy Fifty #3
One of my favorite Christmas memories growing up revolves around visits to The Christmas Village in my hometown.

Since before I was born, the city has been decorating downtown with mini buildings, replicas of the city's original buildings.

I couldn't wait to share this tradition with Olivia...

and Henry too.

This toy soldier Christmas decoration has been around since 1962...I'm almost certain I remember him marching around town when I was small.

Only a few of the houses are original from 1962...like this toy store.

With vintage toys, dollies and games filling the little house...there are even original Clue and Scrabble board games.

The grand babies were instantly attracted to the penguins in this one,

and the reindeer...which they insisted on calling goats.

Ah...we found a hidden spot that definitely wasn't here when I was a kid.

I can hardly wait to bring the babies back here during summer months for more photos.

Olivia found Santa's castle, quickly trying the door to see if the big guy was home.

Sadly, the original Santa's castle is gone. But the little people didn't seem to care.

But you can still mail a letter to Santa here.

Also...Olivia's boots light up and sparkle when she walks. I wish they came in my size!

The wonder of childhood. I hope Olivia and Henry will remember this place. The magic of my Christmas traditions now passed along to another generation. Next year maybe we will get brave and visit during the evening when the Christmas Village is illuminated with lights and glistening with snow.

Time to go...little tummies are hungry and ready for lunch. We're having pasta...in case you are wondering.


  1. It is evident that photography is your passion. You are able to capture the light and life in every photo. The babies are beautiful and are truly the "light" of your family. Memories are special but creating new memories are that much more special. Thanks for taking us along!

  2. Oh how I loved that display...but remember it being bitterly cold. You caught it on a great day with those darling babies! Love Olivia's little coat. Can't wait to see what you bought at Anthropologie.

  3. Hi Lisa, the Fifty-Fifty - project sounds creative and ecxiting! A bunch of lovely photos from the Christmast village, such a lovely day you've captured! I'm visiting from the Big Picture Classes, looking forward of the next 12 weeks ;) Nina

  4. What a treat to share a special place of yours with those adorable grand babies! I can't wait to hear all about the rest of your filthy fifty list!

  5. You, my friend, are starting a new trend. I'm sure of it!

    I love your photos, every one.