Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Play Like You Mean It

Today is my hubby's birthday. Somewhere in the middle of the Canadian nowhere, he is having the time of his life on a cat skiing trip with a bunch of guys! While there are a million things I love about Dean, his energy and enthusiasm for life has to be right at the top.

And there is nowhere Dean has more fun than on top of snow covered mountains with a pair of skis attached to his feet! Like a teenager, he caresses his way through bumps, powder, corduroy, whatever the mountain dishes out. He passed on his love for skiing to every one of our children...especially The Red One. Dean teaches us all how to play like you mean it!

                   Sundance 2013 HDTV from Lisa Garlick on Vimeo.

And lucky for The Garlick Press he creates amazing videos to document the fun. Sundance Ski Resort frosted with feet and more feet of fresh fluffy white stuff a few days ago was the setting for his latest ski video. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Birthday Dean...I'm so pleased to be sharing this life together with you.


  1. Awesome! Man do you guys live it up! Happy birthday Dean. I hope Canada treated you well. The videos are always a pleasure :)

  2. Really enjoyed watching you and your family ski - watching is about as close as I get to skiing, but if I happen to be in your neighborhood I'll happily offer to take care of Olivia and Henry while you all go down the mountains. I can see why the sport is in all your souls though - what incredible breathtaking scenery to be in amongst. My husband has been keen for our children to learn and has put them in ski school for a day during the last couple of years. Happy Birthday (albeit a belated one) to your husband.

  3. Oh, I loved it!!! I can't believe you got to play in all the powder! Great footage. One day I want to learn: how to ski like that, how to make a movie like that, how to use a GoPro, how to have as much fun as you do!!!

  4. Love that snow shot. Love your blog. Met on Art of Composition.

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Dean! We loved the video. My girls joined the ski team this year and are loving it! We need to head of West! xoxo

  6. I just realized we never commented on this post. Dean is fantastic (even when he doesn't smile) and I think this was his best video yet. I love the camera above the head shots. Thanks for inspiring us to play hard!