Friday, February 8, 2013

Grandma E

The morning air was crisp and precisely sharpened to skier's blue.

Beaver Mountain was it often does for so many of us.

But today, Beaver Mountain would be hosting Grandma Elaine Seeholzer. 86 years young...and I mean young!

Jocie's very good friend Autumn sent a text out Friday night "Mama Lisa! My grandma just decided she wanted to go skiing tomorrow!" You know I had to bring the camera...first time I've ever had it on the mountain. But definitely not going to be the last!

I think by "decided", Autumn meant she had finally talked "The Big E" (as she so fondly calls her) into going...convincing her that it would be sunny and warm and wonderful.

Grandma E's entourage included granddaughter Autumn, daughter Holly, son Jeff, and daughter Heidi. 

Grandma E jumped onto the Face Lift like she probably has a billion times before!

Autumn...oh sweet Autumn...very much like a daughter to Dean and I! In Jocie's absence, we wrap ourselves around each other to squeeze a little bit of Jocie's spirit into each of our lives.

Grandma E took a minute or two at the top to chat and then before we knew it...

she was off! And she blew me away with her awesomeness!

Elaine started skiing when she was in college. She enrolled in a winter snow skiing class that would meet and ski down Old Main Hill at Utah State University.

Apparently Elaine fell in love with skiing almost as fast as she fell in love with her ski instructor...the handsome Loyal Seeholzer.

The couple were later married and soon found their lives busy raising five children turning them into ski bums!

Grandma Elaine's father-in-law Harold Seeholzer was the dreamer behind Beaver Mountain and the catalyst for success and the family owned ski resorts rich history.

Growing up, Autumn remembers skiing every Saturday with Grandma Elaine. Rather rambunctious...her large pack of cousins could always be seen darting among the runs at The Beav.

Elaine and Loyal's kids skied on this mountain almost from the time they could walk...and continue to still ski here today.

Jeff started working as a "liftie" helping skiers on and off the lift when he was just a little boy...around 9 years old.

The kids all competed in ski racing throughout their youth. Skiing was in their genes you might say.

It was about this point on the mountain that Jeff told his Mom NOT to take the Rock Garden run to get to the lift, but rather to go around the other way.

Grandma Elaine exclaimed "Don't tell me where I can and can't ski, I'll go where I want!"

And she did...all day long!

My kind of with spunk and attitude!

Autumn has an adorable relationship with her grandmother. She often visits and sorts through Grandma E's things in search of that perfect ugly Christmas sweater or some other vintage find.

Skiing on the same slopes that her dad, her grandmother, and her great grandfather skied is a pretty cool thing I would have to say.

I'm not sure what is happening here...but I think Autumn and Elaine are flirting with the lifty!

I can only imagine what it must feel like to ski with your 86 year old mother. But I know for certain Heidi and Holly were beaming with pride. Giant smiles were actually on all of our faces.

On the second run we took Elaine over to Harry's Dream...the chairlift named after the resorts founder and Elaine's father-in-law. Just in front of the threesome...Dean and I overhead bouts of laughter and giggles that echoed through the tall snow-covered trees as they made their way to the top.

A small balance check leaving the chair...

but hey, I often do that and I'm not even close to 86! And truth be looks from this photo that it was most likely Grandma E steadying her son Jeff!

Autumn pushing her over...wanted a photo of Grandma Elaine "this red-head"

with "that red-head", at her friend Jocie's monument.

I can't help but feel a tremendous amount of spirit and energy at this gorgeous spot on top... 

streaming down from above. I believe  Loyal, Jocie, and even Harold  are thrilled that Grandma Elaine, Autumn, and the rest of us have found our way up to their mountain to ski together today.

And that is one of the reasons why we come here...memories, both past and future lie in every snowflake that lands at Beaver Mountain.

Generations of skiers have played at this place...with many more to come!

Grandma Elaine you are one classy lady. From your bright red lipstick to your lifetime season pass hanging from your one-piece ski suit.

It was truly an honor and a pleasure to be part of your big day at Beaver Mountain.

Legendary and inspirational...I plan on coming here with my children and grandchildren when I am 86 years young too!


  1. What a beautiful beautiful family story and history!

  2. Grandma E is an absolute delight! This was so fun to read and as always your photos are gorgeous.

  3. GORGEOUS photos Lisa!!! Gorgeous story - yey Grandma E!!!! And loved to see your sweet Jocie's monument.


  4. What an adorable grandma! And your pictures are absolutely beautiful. We lived in Cache Valley for lots of years and although I'm not much of a skier, I definitely have a special place in my heart for Beaver Mountain. Looks like an amazing day. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for sharing Grandma E's story! What a beautiful day you had. That photo of Autumn smiling at you is breathtaking. The group shot at Jocie's monument is one to be treasured. Big hugs!

  6. What a fun, wonderful story! Love the photos. Why am I taking lessons online...I should just be taking them from you (in your spare time!).