Thursday, March 28, 2013


Traitor, sneaky snake, double-crosser, miscreant, Benedict Arnold...go ahead and let me have it if you want to after reading this post.

I have been a Nikon girl from the moment I picked up a camera five years ago. But when I decided to upgrade to a full frame camera as one of my Filthy Fifty items...I had no idea it would take me here. Here is all my Nikon gear...packed up and ready to go.

Because now I am a Canon girl (apostate, two-timer)!

A couple of my lenses found very good homes with photographer friends and I still plan on selling my Nikon body.

And this is my first photo taken with my new Canon. Literally unpacking the camera as we drove two hours to lacrosse games, I had NO IDEA even how to change my settings yet. Canon and Nikon are completely different.

And this is the second photo I shot. Dean taking a picture of me with his iPhone.

Oh you had me at the first shutter release Canon...just like butter. In fact I call it shutta butta!

Very simply put...every camera has a sensor which collects light through the lens to create a digital photograph. Full frame cameras have a larger sensor than a crop camera.

Which means I can now take sharper photos in low light situations,

and capture more of this Cache Valley scene.

Even Izzy is a fan of the new camera...just not a fan of being put in the chicken coop!

Filthy Fifty #8. I put on big girl panties and upgraded to a full frame camera. I have SO much to learn about this Canon camera, and I can't wait (deserter, defector)!


  1. I say welcome to Team Canon!! Now I can ride on your coat tails until I get my brain wrapped around the manual mode language :)
    That last shot is very enchanting!

    PS I'm dropping by a little surprise for you! Hope it makes you smile.

  2. So glad you are a Canon girl now! Henry's eyes are heart melter.

  3. Absolutely beautiful Lisa! Welcome to the team and I can't wait for our cameras to meet :)

    1. By the way...I LOVE Dean's iPhone cover!

  4. We. Are. No. Longer. Friends.

    (I ALSO love Dean's phone cover!!!)

  5. LOVE that you are on Team Canon, now!! Love the iPhone cover...that is just divine! Love your first shots with the new's as if you two were "meant to be". :-)

  6. Welcome to team Canon! Beautiful shots, specially considering you are still getting the hang of not just a new camera, but a full frame!

    Love the iPhone cover, too!

  7. Welcome to Canon Country! One day I just may upgrade to full-frame myself. One day in the very distant future. First I have to take Karen's class again and again.