Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Egg Hunting

Yes I'm still blogging and yes I am OK. I just had to plow through ugly March and then immediately left for a dream destination...more about that later. I meant to post this before I left.

Planning fun grand kid adventures is one of the best parts about being Nana and Bubba. 

Our annual Easter egg hunt is one of my favorites.

 The Easter Bunny was on hand to help with egg hiding.

 Olivia took Easter egg hunting very serious this year...

 as did Henry.

 After a long and frigid winter, the weather was glorious for the last day of March.

 The grand babies are growing up so quickly.

Speaking in sentences and paragraphs, conversations come easily. They are both like babbling brooks...spewing words like water.

During the Easter egg hunt there was a race for the illusive golden egg hidden just for adults. An episode ensued where Dean threw Sami the dog from the hen house with a mouth full of Mother Clucker's feathers filling the air. Not to worry...Mother Clucker survived

The Easter bunny left bubbles for Olivia and Henry. Apparently candy is more important; the kids wouldn't even put the bubble wands in their baskets. Note to the Easter Bunny...candy only!

Affectionate and adorable...Olivia knows just how to make her Bubba swoon. You could practically hear his heart pitter patter out loud.

 A lot of candy was consumed that day despite both kids having annoying coughs that just wouldn't stop.

Sometimes I forget that these two aren't exactly the same age, as they act like twins. In fact I was surprised to see the difference in height as witnessed in this photo. Six months makes a pretty big difference when you are only two years old.

Something I never forget...is how lucky I am to be alive in this beautiful world and how blessed I am to be a grandmother to these two.

 Henry has deep soulful eyes that melt your heart into a puddle of love.

 And he is especially fond of Bubba these days...it's a guy thing I guess!

 Bubba is constantly inventing new things to entertain Olivia and Henry.

 Like finding a new way to get from the top of the back yard to the bottom.

 She loves super throws from Dad!

 Blue sky, vivid colors...Spring is here and it is a welcome change.

 Time to dream in the green grass and warm yourself with rays of magical Spring sunshine.

Easter egg rolling was a riot this year. While no one was looking, Henry threw egg after egg down the driveway until we finally noticed.

The Garlick Press takes Easter egg races very serious. I'm not sure if the kids even understood the concept.

Olivia was more entertained by following the wobbly colorful eggs down the driveway. Reaching down every step or two, unsuccessfully trying to pick up the rapidly rolling egg.

 I love this shot. Moments like this remind me why I own a camera.

At the end of a successful Nana Bubba Easter Egg Adventure, Henry was content with one remaining green egg. He carried it around for hours. Lucky for me, I discovered it hiding in a toy before it had time to "ripen" into something less desirable. I hope your Easter was just as lovely!


  1. Oh the sunshine and smiles - total love. I cannot wait to hear more about your trip. I so love Italy. xoxo

  2. Peeps on a stick! Precious.

  3. Can you please rouse on your two grandchildren from me for growing up too fast - it's ridiculous! Can I say out off all your heart filled photos in this post, the ones of dean 'bubba' with Olivia and Henry,and also the one with your daughter , are so very touching. I'm really sorry for the ugly March you've somehow trudged through. Renee.

  4. Can your family please adopt my little family? Seriously. :-) Glad you made it through Ugly March and had a wonderful time on your Dream Destination tour....miss you. Love you lots!