Monday, May 27, 2013

Perfectly Spoiling Henry

You've heard it said that "no one is perfect." But whoever said that...obviously didn't have grandchildren.

Henry's Birthday Fest weekend is the best way to spend time with our perfect grandson.

Henry kisses the puppy's heart and then places it carefully inside his new "Dog Puppy" bringing it to life.

 A quick scrub in the washing station...

 and then it's time to choose an outfit for Dog Puppy to come home in.

 Henry chose Spider Man jammies.

There is nothing like spending time with two-year old Henry...

you remember how thrilling each and every day is.

Although small, Henry teaches us that there is nothing more important at this moment than to watch monkeys swing from their tails and scamper up trees.

or watch the magic of a peacock spread his feathers wide.

I can see that my grandchildren are my window into the future that is changing and developing at an alarming rate.

Someday Henry will teach me all the latest technology trying to keep his Nana hip and happening.

But's enough for my grandson to play in the same black truck my teenage son played in just fourteen short years ago.

And have just as much fun!

Blue eyes full of wonder...

little legs full of springs...

bridges to cross...

and holes to crawl through...

your future looks bright and promising Henry. I'm so lucky to be part of it!


  1. I love the "vintage" truck! And that Henry sure is a little heartbreaker.

  2. Beautiful photos Lisa!! My absolute faves are the ones with Henry laying on the floor with his lil truck, the one with him looking through the fence - look at his feet! He's on his toes, love it!!! And the one with the blue eyes - he looks so much like Chet!!!

    Love also your story telling.

    love you and miss you my friend

  3. Beautiful Lisa! Henry is such a doll! Those blue eye and that sweet little smile you captured just melted my heart.