Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tangled Up

A few things before you watch the video...
  • When we arrived in Italy I MADE the girls promise to learn to shoot video with me. So this video is a combined effort from all of us.
  • Confession...most of the time we forgot to shoot any video.
  • We learned a LOT!
  • The song is by Caro Emerald a popular European artist. "Tangled Up" came on the radio and teenage Andrea turned it up loud...we fell in love with it instantly. As will you I believe!
  • I owe Dean about 10 pies for taking the time to put it together for me. He had to view tons of ridiculous raw footage.
  • I am addicting to video and plan on diving into it more!
  • ENJOY!


  1. Love! Fantastic job Dean! Great footage ladies.

  2. Just watched it with Franco and we LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Dean!!!!!!

  3. OMWord I love this...and so does Astrid... xo

  4. Absolutely fabulous! I loved every moment.

  5. What a fabulous video, both in filming and in editing. I just keep sighing as I think about this wonderful trip you had in Italy. Thank you for taking me along with all of your blogposts, images and now this video. You're so awesome! Counting the days til I see you next month!!

  6. How FUN was that?!! Really great little video everyone! I especially loved seeing Helena work what must have been magic in her beautiful Italian kitchen. And those shots along the water. WOW. What a trip :) So glad you had this fabulous opportunity....seeing Italy with the locals can't be beat!

  7. How awesome is that video! Kudos to hubby for the editing, and to all you lovely ladies for capturing the fun on video. Thanks for sharing!

  8. You girls are the most lovely girls ever! (Miss you all!)