Thursday, June 27, 2013

Filthy Fifty Catching Up

I know I promised you Filthy Fifty updates and pies...they're coming I promise. Slowly...but definitely coming. When I originally made my list of Fifty I included a variety of items. But at the time, I had no idea how these various activities would shape my life as I check each item off one by one.

Filthy Fifty #10 buying my first set of "real" cowboy boots. I instantly fell in love with these boots, but it's the fun of Dean and I deciding which pair to buy that solidifies the memory. We laughed, teased, and then I walked out with a pair of very expensive cowboy boots that hopefully last until I do a "Hooray I'm One Hundred list!"

I wore these boots all over Italy. I guess that's why all the Italians would point and say "Americano's" as we walked by. Thanks to my honey of a husband for insisting on the Old Gringo's and thanks to my friend Nicole for shooting this pic in Venice.

As you'll notice, my list includes favorite things, new things, never attempted things, and just plain silly things. Meat/Mother's Day is one of my favorite days of the entire year so I just had to include it in my list...#11. I missed you year?

I've been reading like crazy lately and several books have made references to bread making and baking which is why I decided to take a bread making class from our awesome local kitchen store Kitchen Kneads. Filthy Fifty #12 was to take a cooking/baking class of some sort. 

Which brings me to Filthy Fifty #13...Clean The Sink. We have a local restaurant in our small town 

with a slogan "It's where the locals eat." Except most locals I know don't eat there.

They have a gimmick with one of their menu items called "The Sink!" It's the biggest banana split you will ever see.

Bring your friends, your neighbors, whatever it takes...

clean the kitchen sink and they'll give you a bumper sticker that says "I cleaned the sink at Angie's!" The boys made me promise to eat a third at least or they weren't playing along.

We came close...there were a few dredges in the bottom but I think we did pretty good for the 3 of us. I'm almost positive I ate more than Dean and Chet combined, they'll most likely tell you a different story though.

My advice when you Clean The Sink...take along several teenage boys...he looks pretty good for just consuming 5000 calories in ice cream don't you think?


  1. That is a CRAZY amount of ice cream! Love your new boots!