Sunday, July 7, 2013

Horse Girl Returns

My fear of horses is no secret.

It all stems from an incident years ago when I was very young...

and involved my little girl self, my swing set, and a horse named Dynamite. NEVER name your horse Dynamite...I'm just saying!

With friends coming from all across the country to spend a few days in Utah (another post altogether), it seemed the perfect opportunity to chase down that fear. As well as show the girls a little Western fun and flair from our little neck of this big world.

Dean came make sure the girls and I were safe and we had a good time horseback riding in the mountains of Northern Utah.

 And here I am!

 Years of terror and trepidation put aside as I mounted a horse named Taz.

 Our adorable cowgirl assistant Andrea helped fit the stirrups to my boots

where my Old Gringo's felt immediately at home. A big thank you to my amazing photographer girlfriends for capturing this moment for me.

Surprisingly calm and comfortable on top of that large animal...of course I brought along my camera. 

 Which gave me this view.

Tiny Aurora seemed a natural on her horse Socks. Although he kept eating everything he could reach.

And just like that we were off. The gentle rocking back and forth in the saddle soon became familiar. I had a little chat with Taz telling him to be nice and no sudden bolting. Which seemed to be easy since Taz may have been the tamest/oldest horse on the mountain that day.

The weather that morning was on the warm side of crisp and there was a plethora of wildflowers to tease and tempt the horses.

Marilou, Nicole and Jules all coming from near sea-level locations adapted to the high-altitude with ease. From where I sat, they all looked to be quite happy in their saddles.

Dean is no stranger to horses and naturally knew exactly how to make his horse Belle behave. She was a beauty!

And because no trip to Utah would be complete without some redneck gun shootin'...Dean decided we should all try shooting targets. FYI...this gun is legal and all gun laws and safety are strictly adhered to.

Annie Oakley (I mean Nicole) was first to shoot.

Aurora was worried about the kick it would create and didn't want to find herself on her butt!

Feeling frisky and fine after my horseback ride I surprised Dean and myself, by deciding to shoot the gun as well.

And then I got the giggles...

and then we posed for next year's Christmas card...

or maybe we will use this one!

Filthy Fifty #14 where I face my childhood fear and get back on a horse almost 45 years later...yeehaw!


  1. LOVE!! Such fun memories and beautiful photos. Love the one of our boots... I need to get that one from you.
    Congrats on conquering another filthy fifty... So glad to be part of this journey with you!
    Love you! Annie Oakley :)

  2. Where on earth did you get those boots? I need a pair. They are luscious!

  3. Fun! I loved reliving this day through your photos. Way to go on the filthy fifty. I too am happy to have been part of this journey with you.

  4. Can I have your body when I turn 49? Sheesh, woman. xoxo

  5. So fun to see you girls all together! Looks like it was a great day....I would have shot the gun, too! ;-) Although, I wouldn't have looked nearly as HOT as you, Lisa!! WOW! Fifty is already looking amazing on you, even though you aren't quite there yet.

  6. Sort of a red neck Bonnie & Clyde! XO