Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shootin' Raw in Utaw

Internet critics are plentiful...including those claiming that technology in general is diminishing society's communication skills. While it seems to be that way, in this instance I would have to disagree.

Most of these beautiful women I met in Karen Russell's online Photographer's Workshop a couple of years ago.

We have remained close friends ever since. We keep up with each other all over the country using Skype, Facebook, Emails and text messaging.

Whenever class members find themselves visiting another state, on-line photographer friends are the first people they look up.

Gettin' Raw in Utaw (a meetup of some of this group of friends) has been in the planning stages for over a year. You may or may not understand our humor in the usage of the word "raw" and "Utaw." You should have seen the looks we got running around downtown SLC.

I came up with the plan to reserve our condo in Park City for this week in June and invited the photographers to join me.

I love these girls...I love their families...I love their dogs...I love their talents and abilities and I love that I can count on them for love and friendship whenever I need them. Who would imagine that you could gain such a connection with basically "pen pals."

Admittedly...having recently returned from Italy, I wasn't sure what Utah would have to offer as far as sight-seeing and photographic wonders. We don't exactly have Rome's Coliseum here.

But I was able to find a beautiful thing or two for us to photograph

and be photographed in.

These girls have a way of finding random things to shoot pictures of as well.

We planned this weekend to coincide with the Super Moon...thinking we would get AWESOME shots. We sort of epic failed on the moon shots. It took forever for the moon to rise over Park City...this was as good as I got...bleak I know! However, I am resolved to try again.

Because no Utah visit would be complete without adequate time spent in the mountains, I took them hiking to Stewart Falls at Sundance Ski Resort.

Where we saw beautiful plants and scenery

and Search and Rescue didn't even have to bring us off the mountain. Although I don't actually see Marilou in this picture...I know she made it off the mountain.

But perhaps my favorite moment was shooting at The Great Salt Lake as the sun was setting.

Photographers crave the light that only happens at this golden hour.

And we didn't have any time to waste as that golden sunlight was sinking faster than we were shooting.

Beautiful girls at a beautiful time of day, we thoroughly enjoyed taking photos of one another. See I told you Marilou made it off the mountain, here she is!

Photographers like Joni are always willing to pose and smile on demand.

Aurora taught us how to use off-camera lighting in conjunction with the light from the setting sun

to create stunning images like this one of Nicole that Aurora captured. Gorgeous...stunning...exquisite...oh and the light is pretty good too!

Kelly's sunglasses were the source of many awesome reflection shots all week. This group of photographers are so willing to share and help each other grow. I learned so much from ALL of them.

And it was very nice of that couple to plan a romantic moment for us to capture as the sun was bidding farewell.

We spent some time in downtown Park City.

Park City is an old mining town with quite a history, but we seemed to forget all the history and navigate to our favorite food spot Vinto's. Previously in SLC, we had eaten at Vinto's. So nice you must eat there twice! When you decide to dine at Vinto's try the Ortaggio Verde Pizza. Destined to delight with asparagus, fresh peas, zucchini, leek, scallion, lemon ricotta and fontina cheese. Stop's amazing!

Characters themselves...Jules, Nicole and Aurora had fun meeting a moose

as Kelly found something else with character.

You never know what will stop us in our tracks begging to be photographed...

like Park City's famous Shoe Park.

Girls, girls, girls...

I love them dearly.

And I'm so thankful for their place in my life. 

And I'm very thankful we found a thing or two worth photographing.

I wonder where we will be "gettin raw" on our next adventure? Stay tuned...we might be coming to a city near you.


  1. Oh wow! I am ever so jealous I couldn't be there with you guys! Gorgeous shots!!!


  2. It was so much fun to remember these moments through your photos! I am missing you all a ton. It truly is amazing how we have all come together. Love you!

  3. Love reliving that weekend through your photos. Excellent job! Miss you girls!

  4. This is all kinds of rawesome! xo